What's On My iPhone 2015?

You've probably clicked on this post because you're just as nosey as me and you like to see what apps people have on their phones, am I correct? I thought so! Today I thought I'd do this post because I haven't done a lifestyle post in a long time, I thought it would be quite an interesting one and maybe it'll get you intrigued into downloading some new apps.
As you can see from the image and the post of this title I do in fact have an iPhone, to run through the basics I have an iPhone 4 with a liquid duck phone case which you can find on ebay here, this is a good phone however for all you up to date technical human beings out there I'm sure this will not do but I'm happy with it.
On my lock screen you can see that I pre-wrote this blog post a while ago, due to the date, I do this incase I get ill or I end up having no internet access to write any. It might also be to do with the fact that I love to be organised as well! But anyway, my lock screen is an image of a Cheltenham town FC player and this is one of my favourite pictures from the season so far. The image itself was taken by @hEaLeR_CTFC on twitter. 
Slide to the left, slide to the right, slide to unlock, take it back now yo', now we're into the first and only page of apps on my iPhone. If you were wondering, my background is an old black and white collage of me and my boyfriend; how cute.
Along the top row we have Weather, Calendar, Notes and App Store these all come with the iPhone itself. The only one which I use a lot is Notes and as you can see from the image above I only have one page in use at the moment and that's for my Cheltenham Town FC predictions which I hardly ever get right! 
Moving swiftly onto the second row we have Safari, Snapchat, an Extras folder and Mail. My Snapchat is private and only for people who know me personally but in my Extras folder we have even more apps which come along with the phone. These include: Compass, Voice Memos, Newsstand, Game Center, Passbook, Maps, Stocks, Reminders, Videos, iTunes Store, Music, Clock, Calculator and Contacts which I never really touch which is why they're all clumped together in one folder.
On the third row we have Settings, FaceTime, Facebook and Camera. Likewise, with my Snapchat my Facebook and Facetime are both private as well. You'll find that I'm always using the camera purely because that's how I take all my blog pictures; if you want me to do a how I edit my blog pictures then let me know in the comments below and rate this post.

Now onto the fourth row we have another folder called Oddities, Instagram, Photos and a folder called Games. In my oddities folder I have: Timehop, Spotify, Score Centre, P Tracker Lite, Instazz, Pic Collage and Santander. I sometimes use these apps on the odd occasion but they're just useful to keep handy. If you're a girl I would recommend P Tracker Lite purely because it'll most likely help you track your time of the month so you're alert and know around about when it'll be happening, this will allow you to not get caught out.

Going into my Games folder we have Cloud Path, Candy Crush, 94%, Bounce, Mahjong, Spider, Wordbubbles, Candy Crush Soda and 8 Ball Pool. My favourites out of them all would have to be Cloud Path, even though I'm rubbish, and Candy Crush but I'm currently stuck on level 125 as I'm writing this post and I can't get past it I've been stuck there for months! Let me know in the comments what level you're up too.

Lastly along the bottom line we have Phone, Messenger, Twitter and Messages. These are the ones which I use constantly all the time. Just like my Instagram my Twitter. 

We've come to the end of what's on my iPhone, what apps do you have on your phone which I may enjoy using? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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