Books I've Loved In 2015

Reading has always been a passion of mine since I was young, but since then I've moved on from loving the very hungry caterpillar book to autobiographies. All together I've read and loved ten books this year including five autobiographies from an array of singers, actors and magicians whilst the other five books are fictional.
Joey Essex, Michael Buble and Dynamo are all names which the majority of you will recognize as they're all famous in their own different ways. Me being an avid watcher of the TV programme TOWIE, otherwise known as The Only Way is Essex fell in love with both Joey and Arg in the show so I was adamant that I needed their books to find more out about their lives.

In Joey's book called Being Reem he talks about various topics including his mum, losing it, popping the important question, TOWIE, his relationships and a whole lot more including his unique language which he continues to make up to this day. It's such an eye-opening book as before I read it I wouldn't have known what he's been through in life, some may call him an inspiration while others may say he's a remarkably stupid yet attractive man. 

Likewise, with Joey, you have James Argent, a singing and acting man who has had more than a handful of weird and wonderful memories which he shares with the public in his book called Living it Arg. You get to know Arg in a different light when reading his book as you find out all about his childhood and growing up to become the man he is now.
Going from James to another James we have James Arthur, X Factor winner back in 2012. I had the biggest most ginormous crush on him for some reason I have no idea why, but I bought his book and his CD where I used to play it on repeat all night on the loudest volume setting! It was love! His book is called My Story and it's really interesting as you get to see the change in his life before and after X Factor it's incredible! 

Micheal Buble is another singer which I absolutely loved and still sort of do now; especially at Christmas! Onstage and Offstage is his book all about his stardom of singing, concerts, making it big and his life now. There are so many images in this book it's visually enjoyable to look at whether it's a photo of him playing hockey or him singing at a concert; it's fascinating.

The last autobiography which I've loved is Nothing Is Impossible by Dynamo. His book is on another level. It may not be a hardback or have 100s of coloured photos inside but the content is impeccable! You learn about the beginning of his life and how he's come from nothing to being one of the most famous magicians in the world. I've got a great deal of respect for him as his journey is just unbelievable! You've got to read this book.

Now we're onto my non-autobiographical books. The Fault in Our Stars was a book in the moment where everyone had it and watched the film but if you're in the minority who hasn't seen it I'm not going to say any spoilers. All I'm going to say is that the book is far better than the film so definitely read the book first. 

I have another book which was written by John Green and this is my favourite book of all time, Will Grayson Will Grayson. Words cannot describe my love for this book I couldn't put it down! It's a very unique book as I don't think I've seen or heard another story line like this one which I think is amazing. You should pick this book up if you're a lover of romantics, like myself, it's about a young boy called Will Grayson who find out and meets someone unexpected.

If I stay is a popular film however just like The Fault in Our Stars it's far better than the film itself. It's about a girl who has a passion for music and falls in love with another music fanatic. What I would say about this book is that it has some technical vocabulary in which may be hard to read if you're young but other than that the attention to detail is wonderful. I did attempt to read the follow on book which is called Where She Went but I found that awfully boring compared to this first one.

Love Aubrey is a lovely book about a young girl where her life gets turned around because of a tragic event but is mature about everything which happens. It's a loving book of a relationship between Aubrey and her grandmother which is unbreakable. I'd highly recommend this book for teenagers and young girls aged 12-15.

The last book which I have is In Real Life, Love, Lies&Identity in the Digital Age by Nev Schulman. If you know me personally you know I have a fond love for the show Catfish and this book is educational yet interesting at the same time. It talks about Nev's Catfish story and all about catfish's e.g. why they do it, why people believe them, rules for dating and how to avoid dating a catfish. As the world is evolving, more of us are on social media sites meaning we're all prone to being catfished but with this book you can concur the world!

That's all the books which I've loved this year, let me know in the comments if you've read any of these and what books you've read this year. Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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