Frosted Cranberry Present Rewind ❄

Last Christmas I received this Body Shop set off my boyfriend which I've only just got around to using in this past couple of months! I've done some research and I currently can't find this on the website, however, there are numerous other sets which include the majority of these items which you can view here; I'm certain that this one is one of last years Christmas specials so when you're next in The Body Shop have a lookout for some other similar sets on the shelves.
It came packaged in a metal striped red and white tin; it reminded me of candy canes! Inside the tin, there were four items all cranberry red coloured. The first product that I clutched onto was the frosted cranberry shower gel, it is a transparent 250ml bottle with the glowing, red product shining through. When I first opened the cap, of the bottle, I was amazed at how strong and scented the gel was. Sensational! As you can guess all of these items are going to smell the same because they're all frosted cranberry scented which is gorgeous! I did use the shower puff which came in the set and I was startled when I went to smell the puff, for some random reason, it smelt exactly like the products. I was expecting it not to smell, well done Body Shop, well done to you, you're great. When in the shower I squeezed some of the shower gel onto the puff and found that you only needed a small amount for it to lather up and become bubbly. I really enjoyed using this product as I found that even with the tinniest amount the scent was still able to be recognized.
Next, I delved deep into the tin and gathered the frosted cranberry body polish. This is a smaller tube than the shower gel, this is only 75ml, which personally I think is ridiculous! I used it after the shower gel and found that in one usage I had already used a vast amount, nearly a third to be exact which is astonishing because I didn't think I used very much. Considering I'd never actually used a body polish before I assumed that it would act as a scrub however it was less harsh and it left a soft feel to my body as I lightly scrubbed it over me; it left my body feeling smooth and silky.
As I got out the shower and dried off I picked up the frosted cranberry body butter and smothered it evenly over my body. I found that this specific body butter had a thick consistency to it which meant it didn't sink into my skin as easily as I would of like it to. It left my skin feeling sticky for a couple of minutes, although the scent lasted for the majority of the evening which was pleasing.

Now that I've eventually got around to using this set I feel that it's great to use on special occasions. I'm overly excited about using the majority of these products again as I don't have any major dislikes in the kit except the body butter. Have you tried any Body Shop sets? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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