My Lush Interview Experience

Today I thought I'd talk you through my very exciting lush interview, where they were recruiting people back in September for the extremely busy christmas period.
I sent my email off on the day that the application process was being closed which was quite risky to do but, I attached my CV and a covering letter in the email. I can't tell you how to write a CV or covering letter as everyone's personal to themselves; you've just got to work your magic I'm afraid. After they were sent off I received a reply within two days asking me to visit the store for a group interview in an evening the week after, which was very surprising yet nerve wracking.

I had five days to prepare and my panic mode set in therefore, I hopped online and frantically began reading other people's experiences via people's blogs which admittedly made me even more petrified. That's one of the worst things I've done, researched what's happened before, purely because of the tasks they were given to do; it's unpredictable. Some had to sing, rap, make model animals, out of their product called fun, which represented themselves so if that hasn't got you slightly afraid I don't know what will.

After reading all the posts I could find I was really excited yet a tiny bit nervous about the whole situation bearing in mind that it was my first ever interview let alone my first ever group interview.

On the evening of the group interview I was unsure on what to wear as they say 'smart casual but what you feel comfortable in' brilliant, you can't be more vague than that! I settled for a mini skirt with black tights and a cream shirt with leopard print detailing tied together with a black cardigan which shows I was definitely hitting the mark when they said smart.

I arrived outside the shop 15 minutes early and there were already a couple of other applicants there. Glancing around the group and everyone was wearing very comfy and casual clothes whereas there was me the odd one out in a smart outfit, I felt a tad out of place but at the end of the day that was the least of my worries. Bang on 7 o'clock they opened up the doors and allowed us to all gather around the middle table of the store. They gave a brief introduction of the workers there and the placement which was on offer. All the workers were exceedingly welcoming and calm around us all which makes you feel less anxious. Straight away we were split into two groups, one group were taken to watch demonstrations of a massage bar unlike the group I was with we ended up watching a demonstration of a bath bomb and bubble bar which was quite interesting to see. We switched over and got to test our skills out by demonstrating a massage bar on our partner that we got paired with. This was fun however if you're like me and not the most knowledgeable person about oils and the benefits you gain for your skin but know what they do then you're a bit helpless and left to fend for yourself.

By this time I was still waiting for them to drop a 'now you've got to sing' or 'start modelling an animal' on us but that didn't happen at all through the group interview which I was very relived to notice. Afterwards, we got paired up with a different person so we could ask them questions about what would be their perfect product from the shop, this I thought was tricky because I don't know all of their products, my key knowledge was on the products I use over and over again not the ones which were getting thrown at us that evening. During this activity I accidentally knocked and dropped a few of the skincare products which ultimately made me realize that I was definitely not going to be called back for a trial shift anymore; that was going to be the end for me. 

Once we found the perfect product for our partner we had to line up in a single line around the middle table and wait for the trainee manager to call us up to the front to have a one on one interview one at a time. In the meantime Amy and Sam the workers there entertained us and kept us busy laughing whilst we waited. They made us all feel really relaxed as they told us funny stories and more about the company.

It was then my turn, I slowly walked up to the front dreading the experience and sat down on the chair opposite the trainee manager. She made me explain why the product was good for the person we got paired with and she followed that with a few questions about myself and why I would be the best to work in the shop then that was that. I got carried away at this point talking about college and I don't even know how that happened! Straight after I finished talking she asked me to come back for a trial shift on the Sunday which I didn't expect at all because compared to everyone else there I was reserved and I dropped a few of the products; it wasn't the best thing I've ever done.

On the day of the trial shift once again I arrived 10 minutes early, not wanting to make a bad impression, and they allowed me to have a wander around the shop and get a chance to recognize myself with their products. After a quick briefing about the personal we had to give off we were back onto the shop floor with our name badges on, we got shown a couple of demonstrations and then we were left to our own devices. I was feeling excited  that I was going to have a great experience and an eye opener to the world of work with this opportunity. Talking to a few of the customers and attempting to help them out with finding them the product that they wanted was harder than I thought and I hadn't even got around to doing any demonstrations yet. By the time I got around to doing a demonstration it was over in 2 seconds because I rushed it all in the heat of the moment however the girl was content and ended up purchasing the item I tested on her so I must of done something right surely? Half way through the shift I got taken to the back and got given some positive comments and some constructive criticism which included not holding my hands and doing more demonstrations on people. I've never experienced anything like this! I went back out more confident and eager to get going again and ended up doing a demonstration of a bubble bar although I didn't have the strength to crumble it up into the jug and I had to get another worker to help me which didn't look great on my path. 

Nonetheless I really enjoyed doing it and after the shift ended I got taken to the back again and was let down lightly. She asked me how I thought it went and I was happy with myself because I felt I tried my best but unfortunately I didn't get the opportunity to pursue a career at Lush because I didn't do enough demonstrations which I felt was fair because I only did two.

Even so if you do get the chance I'd highly recommend applying for a job there because it's great experience even if you don't get the job and it's remarkably fun! Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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