Primark's Seasonal Hand Gels ❄

Christmas cookie, candy apple and cherry blossom do that all sound appetizing enough to you so that you'd buy hand gels in those flavours? I think so!
When picking up some pieces from Primark the other day I was suckered into these lovely looking hand gels which were making eye contact with me as I waited in the queue. I had a quick look at the different scents they had available and these three looked the most appealing with their unique designs on the front. Regarding the pricing well. You cannot go wrong for £1 each.

At first, I thought that they were all going to smell pleasant and not too strong although, my opinions changed rather quickly after squirting them separately onto my hands. The one which stuck out as the most horrid was Christmas cookie which I was disappointed about as I had high hopes about this one smelling lovely and sweet but it doesn't. It's the complete opposite; the only things I can think of when I smell this one is burnt cinnamon biscuits which isn't pleasant! I haven't used this hand gel ever since purely because of the scent; ew.
The next one I picked up was candy apple and I had no idea what this one was going to smell like when I purchased it so I was in shock when I opened it smelling like apple sweets. Mmm! But then it changed when rubbed into my smelt of cinnamon coated apples. Why does everything smell of cinnamon? If I'm honest this does smell a lot better than Christmas cookie and I do use this more often. When applied onto my hands it doesn't feel sticky or wet as it absorbs quickly which is great.

Lastly, we have cherry blossom, the one which I had high expectations for. It has the prettiest, pastel pink packaging and looks wonderful sat on the side of my desk. The scent, however, was nothing like cherry blossom, well not what I expect cherry blossom to smell like, it smelt of sugary vanilla. This is my favourite scent out of them all, it's not the nicest smelling product which I've smelt in all my life but it is mediocre. 

Overall I wouldn't recommend these hand gels, they're £1 but I'm positive there are better scented gels out there. Have you tried these, what's your favourite scent?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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