The Perfect Palette for Christmas Sparkle ❄

For me, Christmas is all about sparkles and glitter and the one way which you can create a sparkly eye look this Christmas is with this palette. I got this Freedom palette earlier this year in a huge haul, which you can find here, it's their pro 10 eyeshadow palette in bare.
This palette is my go to when I want to create a glamorous, glittery, golden eye look as there are numerous golden and bronzed shades in this palette which will bring out the sparkle in your eyes. There are a few unique looks which you can create including an ombre look from the inner third of your eye going from gold to bronze in your outer third. You could even use one of the darker browns in this palette to darken and deepen your crease even further, and also add it to your lower lash line. Another way of finishing that look off would be doing ombre on your lower lash line, just like you did on your lid going from gold, darker gold to bronze and joining it up to where your eyeshadow meets on the outer part of your eye. 

However, with any look which you create using this palette, you'll want to use a matte transitional shade first all over your lid and in your crease as all the colours which you're using from this palette are all shimmery! Shimmery overload!
A simpler, less dramatic look would be just applying the gold onto your lid to produce a pretty, simplistic look. You could do the same for any of the shades in this palette if you wanted to create a more subtle but elegant rose gold/copper one, you could with this palette!

To top off any of these looks you could pair it with some eyelashes. I recently wrote a post about some pre-glued eyelashes which I've been trying out recently and I believe they'd suit this look perfectly. You can check them out here
The pigmentation in this palette is off the scale. With just one swatch with my finger, that's what the pay colour off looks like, incredible! All the shades in this palette are packed with colour and shimmer which is ideal for Christmas. The one on the far left-hand side can also double up and be used as a highlight in the lacrimal, aka tear duct, of your eye to open your eyes up or even on your brow bone. 

What's even better is that this palette is only £4! I know; £4. I'd recommend purchasing this online or if you're lucky enough to have a Freedom counter in your Superdrug pick one up there as this palette is one of their limited edition ones. So you don't want to miss out on the chance of owning this as it's amazing.

What do you think of this palette, would you create any of the looks I've mentioned above? Have you tried any Freedom products?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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