Benefit's No.1 Selection Box Review

I've always dreamt about receiving a Benefit set for Christmas or my birthday however, last year was the year this dream came true, kindly thanks to my parents.
The selection box includes eight of Benefit's bestselling and number one products and altogether there are £50's worth of products in there for only £25. Not only does it come with the majority of their products, inside the box came a free voucher where I can go get my make-up done for free; that's a bonus! Although, I hate the part where I have to turn up bare faced and they stand there thinking 'brilliant, I've got my work cut out here'.

Not only is there make-up in this box, but there's a small 1.6g pot of it's potent! eye cream. This eye cream is their best selling eye cream which they produce, many people love this product because of its brightening features it has to the skin. Ideal for those of you who have dark under eye circles.

Carrying on with the topic of eyes Benefit have included their number one mascara and eyeliner which are their 4.0g they're real mascara and 0.36g they're real push up eyeliner. I have the full sized of the mascara and I reviewed it here if you wanted to know my thoughts on that. Unlike the liner, which I haven't tried out on myself before however, I have attempted using it on my friend and it went awfully wrong as it was so hard to use! But, I'm looking forward to using that on myself as I am a fan of gel liners.
For primer there was no questioning as to what this would be, it's the POREfessional face primer balm 3.0g. The main attribute that this primer gives is that it claims to minimize visible pores on your face, normally in the t-zone. I've used this once on my cheeks and nose area and I've found that it blurs them making them look smaller which I was impressed with.

I've always wanted to own the boi-ing concealer but I've always been scared that if I purchase the lightest shade that it isn't going to be pale enough for me, I know I can swatch it and test it out but I feel awkward having people watch me. So having the choice of two 1.5g shades in this box is a relief for me as I can finally test out if it is too dark for me or not as I've heard so many good things about how high coverage the concealer is. I can't wait.

The next item which I'm going to be talking about I've found a dupe for in the past and that's Benefit's high beam. You can find the dupe here. I've never found the urge to purchase high beam but it'll be interesting to see if there is any difference between the two items for the different costs.
Hoola is a product which millions of beauty bloggers and youtubers have mentioned at least a thousand times with good words associated with it. Me being very pale has always made me think that this bronzer would be too muddy or orange for me but I adore this 3.0g matte tub, it's wonderful! Once I've finished this small pot I'm definitely going to be purchasing the full size one.

Last but not least we have the rockateur blusher. This is another of their number one products and my first impressions from this blusher is that it's a lovely, subtle shimmery rose shade. It's an extremely wearable shade which is brilliant for every day use. 

That's the eight products which came in this selection box. It's a great gift for anyone who loves Benefit or beauty in general. Have you used any of these products before?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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