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Eating healthier has been a goal of mine since the start of the year, whether it's been not snacking in-between meals or swapping a packet of crisps for an apple in my lunch; everything helps. That's why when I got introduced to these high protein, healthy, energy bars I couldn't wait to include them into my daily lifestyle, whether they were for my breakfast, part of my lunch or as a snack in the morning, I was excited to try them out.
Natural Balance Foods are a company focused on creating healthy, delicious snacks which bring people happiness throughout the day. They have two main bars, their nakd bars contain unique flavours such as bakewell tart, ginger bread and coconut whereas their trek protein bars, which each individually have 10g of protein per bar and being one of your five a day, include flavours such as peanut powder, banana blast, berry burst and cocoa chaos. Such a wide array of flavours which caters for everyone.

I've been trying out some of their trek protein bars over the past couple of weeks. All of their energy bars are filled with a combination of fruits, gluten free oats and nuts, therefore those of you with nut allergies these aren't for you but for everyone else they're your perfect go to bar.
I tried and tested four of their flavours, which I mentioned above, and I 50/50 on them. When I first opened the packet up I was instantly put off the bar itself as it didn't look too appealing at all; it looked like a brown, clumpy mess. Not a good first impression. However as I began to bite into the peanut powder bar, which I didn't think I was going to enjoy, I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of the bar. The only way I can describe it is like a snickers without the chocolate, rather scrumptious!

Considering I normally don't enjoy foods which contain banana inside them I was optimistic as to whether I was going to like this one or not but once again I loved it. It reminded me of banana bread. Mmmmm! This and the peanut one are my favourites! 

After tasting the banana blast, I was hopeful that I'd love berry burst just as much as the other two. Did I? Unfortunately not. This one tasted really strange and it wasn't to my liking at all.

Saving the chocolate one till last, I tried cocoa chaos, I was most enthusiastic about eating this one purely because it included the word cocoa. This one shocked me as I took my first bite into it and I was unsure on my opinions on the bar. I carried on taking bite after bite and I couldn't decide whether I liked it or not, maybe the fact that I didn't stop eating it was a good sign...

Overall I loved the majority of these trek protein bars, they gave me the energy I needed to complete everyday tasks whilst making me feel more awake and raring to do something. When eating them between meals as a snack I found that they made me quite full and I then didn't have to eat anything until I had my main meal as they're very filling. I'd 100% recommend the banana blast and peanut power. Have you tried these bars before or would you like to try them?
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