Makeup Revolution £1 Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Make-Up Revolution are a brand which I've loved since the very beginning, from their high quality pigmented eye shadows to their lipsticks, which I'm going to be talking about today, everything is just incredibly well made. Every time I step into Superdrug I cannot help but wander over to their counter to have a quick browse at all their products which undoubtedly I've already looked at the week before! But who's judging?
In the image you can see above are some of my number one go to lipsticks; they're amazing. I still refuse to go and purchase one of MAC's lipsticks purely because I'm overly happy with these considering they're only £1. You can't go wrong! You'd be crazy if you went and purchased MAC's velvet teddy knowing that you have the opportunity to buy one of theirs for £1.
Starting with the MAC velvet teddy dupe, it's the one. This is my favourite shade out of all of them which I use daily. It's a gorgeous, creamy, warm nude shade, perfect when pairing it with a gold, sparkly eye look. Throughout the day I do find that the lighter shades out of the collection do tend to wear off after a couple of hours whereas the bolder colours last up to four hours, but this doesn't phase me as the pigmentation is unreal. The scent of these lipsticks is not tacky and I quite like it, however, I cannot pinpoint the smell which is beginning to annoy me now!

Moving along the line from lightest to darkest next up we have sweetheart which is a glittery, pale pink. I do find that this one has quite a glossy finish with less pigmentation than all the others which is why I don't use it that often. Although this could be beneficial if you're someone who doesn't like to wear bright, bold lipsticks as it's subtle. 

Carrying on with the pink theme we have beloved. This is another creamy finish which gives a full coverage, lovely pink colour on your lips. Depending on how many layers you want to apply of this lipstick depends on the brightness you desire e.g. if you want a bright pink you could layer this up or if you wanted a less bold lip you wouldn't apply as many.
Orange is not a shade which I'd be applying to my lips every day of the year but for special occasions, such as Halloween, this lipstick is essential. The only word I have to describe this lipstick is pumpkin! Pumpkin. I would 100% rename this lipstick from vice to neon pumpkin! 

Another seasonal lipstick which I own is depraved. This is the perfect shade for the transition from summer to Autumn/fall as it's a pale purple, lilac shade. If I'm honest this one is hard to pull off as you need to have the right skin tone otherwise you may look flushed out. I don't wear this often, however, wearing it in an ombre lip, wearing this colour in the centre and the next in the outer two-thirds makes a beautiful, creative look.

Rebel with cause is a statement lipstick which I adore. I got a tremendous amount of use out of this lipstick over the winter months combining it with a simple eye look it was my go-to look. It's a glossy, deep berry shade with a creamy finish which I've found to last longer on my lips than any other lipstick. I love this lipstick! 

Last but not least we have 100% vamp which is one of their darkest shades out of the whole collection. In the tube it looks black but when you swatch it it produces a slightly different colour which adds to the dark mystery of this lipstick. It turns out to be an extremely dark purple which I think is such a great colour to wear if you have the confidence!
Overall I love the consistency of all of these lipsticks followed by the pigmentation which is out of this world amazing! The texture of all of these lipsticks are very smooth, creamy and moisturizing which is something that is a must-have in lipsticks as I hate the feeling of them drying my lips. Have you tried any make-up revolution lipsticks, which one was your favourite? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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