Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

I've always had a humongous love for Real Techniques brushes and ever since they've bought out their bold metals collection I've been admiring them in the shops and online. However, with the hefty price tag which comes along with them I could never bring myself to splurge on them at £10-25 each.
Due to the price I thought it was a cunningly good idea to ask for a couple of them for Christmas. A couple! After asking for a couple of them I ended up with seven of them, I couldn't believe it. I was in awe as I unwrapped them all from the packaging and felt them brush against my hand. The only words which came out my mouth were relating to how soft they were. I used to think that their core powder brush was soft but oh how I was wrong; they've taken this to the next level of softness! I love the sleek design of the brushes, with them not being round, like their other brushes, it means they don't slide off surfaces anymore whilst looking classy and metallic with the long handles.

All together there are nine brushes in the bold metals collection range although, I've only got seven of them as they've bought two more out since Christmas, regardless of this I cannot believe how amazing these brushes are. The seven brushes which I've got are the 100 arched powder101 triangle foundation300 tapered blush301 flat contour200 oval shadow201 pointed crease and the 202 angled liner brush
I've got a few favourite brushes out of the ones I've got and they're the 100 arched powder, 301 flat contour and the 202 angled liner brush. The powder brush is less dense than their core powder brush however it's much softer as I mentioned above whilst applying a thin layer of powder, distributed evenly all over your face which doesn't look cakey. 301 flat contour brush is the brush everyone needs in their lives if they love contouring. It is the perfect shape for getting into the hollows of your cheekbones to create a strong contour, working well with cream and powder products. Meanwhile, my favourite of the eye brushes is 202, I actually use this to fill in my brows and find that it creates a strong, arch in my brow, dispensing enough product onto the sparse areas of my brows.

I do use the other brushes and I think the quality of them is far better than their core brushes although I prefer their core buffing brush to the 101 triangular foundation brush. Maybe I'm using it wrong, but I just can't get to grips with this brush for my foundation.

Overall I love these brushes, they're wonderful and the design of them is gorgeous. Have you got any real techniques bold metals brushes?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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