The Purpose of Base and Top Coats

Base coats and top coats are products which we sometimes don't bother using or question why we use them? Do we use them because nail technicians do or because we saw someone on Youtube once use them when creating a fabulous nail look. Or is there actually a proper reason as to why we should use a base and top coat on our nails?
As simple as my first answer is, yes, yes there is a reason for it. Base coats are essential for applying to your nails before you paint them a strong, pigmented colour because otherwise your nail plate would be stained with your desired colour you're painting them. The base coat effectively works as a protective layer for your nail polish to go onto to prevent your nails from being stained. Not only does it protect, it works as a smooth base for your polish to go on top of without having an uneven surface to paint onto. This will enhance the look of your nails making them look flawlessly painted. 

Whilst top coats do a completely different job. The main job of a top coat is to protect and reduce your nails from being chipped. When applied it will cover the whole of your nails, acting as a protective seal from the environment. By protecting them it also increases the durability of the nail polish meaning it'll be on your nails for a longer period of time unlike if you didn't have a top coat on. Along with protecting them it also adds shine and gloss to you nails making them look healthy and as if they've been professionally painted.

I hope this has given you an insight as to why you should wear a base and top coat. Do you use them regularly? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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