Add a Touch Of Purple To Your Life

Eyeliner is something that I do every now and then, with the usual classic black shade, but recently I've been mixing it up and adding a touch of purple into my life. I can guarantee if you wear eyeliner on a daily basis you will, like me, pick up a black or brown shade as it's simple and suits with everything, am I right?
Well, although those two colours suit with everything, until I tried out this Kiko liquid intense eyeliner in the shade 02 my opinion changed. I love mixing my everyday makeup up with purple as it's a deep, dark shade which is only really noticeable if you/others know that you've got it on as it is quite similar to black. On more mature people, black can be quite harsh and bold on their eyelids which is why they normally go for brown, although purple would also suit them too as it isn't too bright nor strong.
The brush applicator of this eyeliner is very sleek and it distributes the product onto your eyelid smoothly. When applied I did find, if you're capable of doing your eyeliner in one movement, that you don't need to build up the layers as the pigmentation is very full. Either way, it'll end up with the line being the same shade of purple with an even line and flick. You can create thin and thick lines with this liner which is another great feature to it.

Have you ever tried purple eyeliner, or will you be looking to invest in one now?  Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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