Pretty, Pink and Red Polishes

Stereotypically Valentine's day is all about romance, roses, affection, commitment and passion, however, for some people it's all about choosing the right outfit and make-up for the special day. Making a good impression is always important; small details like your nails will give the effect that you've made time and effort for that special someone.
Pink and red and the main two colours which represent Valentine's day which is why I thought I'd show you my favourite polishes. Starting from left to right we have Model's Own sundress, the darkest of the shades, an off red-pink. Next is Barry M's strawberry ice cream which is a pale pink, similar to the one beside it which is Model's Own pink veneer a more pastel paler shade. Last but not least we have a No.7 nail polish. It doesn't actually have the shade of this written on the packaging so I'm unsure of the shade name however it is one of their stay perfect polishes. It's this lovely pinky purple glittery polish which I really like.
To add a little bit extra to your nails you could always apply Barry M's pink sapphire glitter on top of all your nails or just on one feature nail. This will make your nails look more sparkly and add that something special to make them shine throughout the day and night. I love how well the glitter works with the Model's Own pink veneer nail polish, it reminds me of sweets and bubblegum!
Which shade was your favourite and would you add the glitter onto all nails, none or just a feature nail? Let me know in the comments below. If you're in panic as to what to buy someone this Valentine's day you can find some help here on gifts to purchase. Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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