An Insight Into Sleek Makeup

Sleek makeup is loved by hundreds and thousands of people and for me it's one of those brands which people rave about but I've never heard one product being a stand out for them. There are many items which people love including their contour kit and their eye shadow palettes but as I use their make-up on a weekly basis, at college, I thought I'd show you all of the items which I use and love, along with the ones I'm not so fond of.
The only types of foundation which we have in our kits are creme to powder and their blemish balm which both I have a strong disliking for. I personally think the coverage on both of these products is poor, especially the blemish balms. They claim they're full coverage however, when you apply them to your face it's a different story, it doesn't cover redness: spots, scars, imperfections, anything at all. As to its repairing and protecting abilities I find that these both break me out which isn't what I want in a foundation at all.
Concealers are another product which let me down with there only being six shades to choose. Not only that but with the lightest shade, 00, being too orange for me I was already not having a great start with the foundation nor concealer.

Some please explain to me how a translucent powder comes in a shade, seriously? On the other hand, there's professional finishing powder which I quite enjoy using. It's a finely milled powder with a pink undertone to it, it's perfect for using at the end once all of your make-up is on as it adds radiance and glow to the skin.
Sleek's blushers are one of the few things which I love using as the pigmentation and shades are absolutely gorgeous. The shades which we use are rose gold, flamingo and flushed; these are their more pink and red shades which they've got. My favourite has to be rose gold it reminds me of my Avon blush which you can read about here, it's such a subtle rose with gold undertones as you can probably tell from the shade name! Not only is the pigmentation exceptional the consistency of the product is very creamy; it's lovely to apply.
Left-right: Flushed, Flamingo, Rose Gold
Following on from blusher we have a bronze block and contour kit. The bronze block has four shades inside, three bronzers and one blush; I've got the shade dark which isn't great as I do have a very fair skin tone so it doesn't suit me at all although, if you're someone with a darker complexion this would be perfect for you. The swatch on the right is a mixture of the four shades together. Meanwhile, in the contour palette, I love that there's a matte contour shade as it makes it perfect for sculpting out your cheekbones and jawline. The highlight shade is a pink champagne which adds a subtle glow on the high points of your face, if you're looking for a strong highlight this isn't the one for you but, if you're looking for something to make you look a tiny bit glowy then this is brilliant.
Sleek's dip it black eyeliner is another of my favourite products of theirs. I find that it's easy to use, not only this but when it's applied it leaves a matte jet black line on your eyelid which is exactly what I look for in an eyeliner. Perfect! Their other pencil liners are mediocre; they product a strong colour but, I do find that it can feel harsh when drawing the line on your eyelid which isn't very pleasant. For only £1.99 you can't really complain!

The mascaras I am yet to try out so I don't have an opinion on them except I think the packaging of the black mascara looks high end.

Sleek are known for pigmented, wide range of colours and buttery shades in their palettes and I have three of them to show you. Beginning with the darkest palette I own, it's their ultra mattes v2. I did find that throughout the three palettes the lighter shades out of them didn't show up as much as the darker shades which was quite disappointing. Overall the packaging of the palettes is lovely and sleek, badoom cha, with matte black design which I adore.
Left-Right: Orbit, Ink, Highness, Noir, Dune, Pillow Talk, Thunder, Maple, Flesh, Paper Bag, Villan and Fern.

If you're looking for more of a brighter palette then this one is for you, it's their ultra mattes v1 which includes some of the most outrageous, fluorescent shades you'll of ever seen; perfect for theatre work.
Left-Right: Chill, Pout, Sugarlite, Dragon Fly, Pucker, Bammi, Cricket, Bolt, Strike, Floss, Crete and Pow

The final Sleek palette which I own is the oh so special palette, I personally think that this is the most feminine and easy to work this out of the three. There are some neutral yet dark shades which can add smokiness to any look.
Left-Right: Bow, Organza, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz, Celebrate, Pamper, Gateau, The Mail, Boxed, Wrapped Up and Noir.

Lip liners are something which I've started taking a full understanding on and I can identify a good vs a bad one which is why when I tried out these two for the first time I was 50/50. Their liner in bare essential is the one which I didn't like purely because of the consistency; it was stiff and rough which felt horrible on my lips even if the colour pigmentation was good. On the other hand we have the liner in pink rose, this is a twist up one which has a far better consistency than the one before. It's creamy and pigmented but I don't think the shade name corresponds with the colour at all. It's a dark red/pink shade. It's a gorgeous matte deep pink/red. I love it, especially for covering the whole of your lips!
Angel Falls is their palest pink lip gloss in the tube, which is considerably pigmented. Once swatched the shade is a light, peachy nude which can come off quite sticky on the lips. Forbidden City is a berry red colour which matches the consistency of the other gloss me lipgloss, not only do they have a sticky consistency I find that they smell quite odd.
Last but not least we have one of their best products, their true colour lipsticks. I love the packaging of these once again, the matte black looks gorgeous sat on display, not only that but the fact that they're so small makes them perfect for chucking in your handbag or pocket when you're going out. The consistency of this lipsticks are so creamy along with being very pigmentation as you can see from the images below. Although I wouldn't wear all of these shades on a daily basis the amount of shades they have is amazing. I'd highly recommend these!
Left-Right: Liqueur, Heartbreaker, Tangerine Scream, Vixen and Smoulder.
That's all the Sleek products which I use at college, have you got any of these? Which ones are your favourite? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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