Why You Should Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise

Cleansing and toning comes hand in hand like chocolate and spread, peas and pods and tooth and paste so what are the consequences of not using a toner after you cleanse? Are there any or is it just quick and easy to miss the step out?
Benefits of Cleansing:
It opens your pores which allows any bacteria and dirt to be cleaned out,
Removes makeup, dirt and dead skin cells off the surface of your face,
Removes excess sebum/oil off the surface,
The best cleansers are oil based as oil combats oil.

Failure to Cleanse:
This will lead to blemishes, blackheads, congestion in your pores, build up of dead skin and your make-up won't apply smoothly.

Benefits of Toning:

As your cleanser opened your pores your toner does the opposite and closes them,
Removes excess cleanser, makeup or dirt left on the skin which the cleanser didn't remove,
Soothes and refreshes the skin,
Your skin is acidic and the toner returns the PH level back to normal after cleansing.

Benefits of Moisturizing:
Following your cleansing and toning routine you should always finish off by using a moisturiser no matter how oily or dry your skin is, it's essential to get good skin.

It acts as a barrier on the skin to external influences e.g. environment,

Hydrates the skin,
Keeps the skin supple and lubricated throughout the day,
Reduces evaporation of moisture,
Replaces water loss and restores water.

I hope this has taught you something new or shown you the importance of following a cleanse, tone and moisturising routine. Did you learn anything new? 
Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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