Coconut Lane Haul

Coconut Lane are an online, London based brand, which focus on providing, fun, unique sassiness into your life through their home and fashion wear and of course, that meant I had to purchase a few things off their website.
Statement posters and cards are some of their most popular items which they sell on their website. When browsing through the range which they offer I couldn't resist these two, with the quotes "be a diamond in a world of rhinestones" and "be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons" on it. I thought these two were one of the best posters I've ever seen, something about reading them both every day makes me feel happy and full of self-worth inside. Once I picked the posters, I then had the choice to change the colour of the poster and whether I wanted to add a frame which I did. I love it. I can't wait to buy some more of them in the future.
Along with the poster, I purchased a few of their jewellery pieces. First off I chose their adorable elephant earrings. The earrings themselves are 925 sterling silver which adds a lovely, classy touch to them, especially if you're giving them to someone as a gift. They're quite small meaning they'd fit perfectly on your ear lobe whilst only being £9.50 they're a bargain! I think they're brilliant for anyone who loves animals, or someone who appreciates finely made jewellery, they'd adore them.
From elephants to crowns* which make you feel like you're queen. These delicate earrings are the same size as the other pair which I picked up. In their jewellery range, they have other crown pieces which would match perfectly together in an outfit; I love them.

The last jewellery item which I purchased was this gorgeous wish bone necklace. This wish bone is silver plated, making it stand out when wearing it with every outfit. This wish bone looks excellent when placed on top of a black shirt as the silver pops out. For £8.00 you cannot go wrong, it's the perfect necklace as well as it having a lucky charm about it, being a wish bone, making all your dreams come true.
Have you purchased anything off Coconut Lane before? Will you be picking up any of these items? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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