Desirable Denim

Denim has always been a cult favourite design for everyone to wear since the day it got introduced into the fashion industry, back in the day. Whether dark blue dungarees were your go to staple item or the population's love of jeans, there's always been a part of denim which has stuck around in each of our wardrobes waiting in anticipation to be worn. Who says denim goes out of fashion? No-one; it is such a yearly style that no matter what time of the year you wear it, you can pull it off and look fabulous.
1) Denim Jersey Blazer £59.00
2) Denim Blouse £39.00
3) Denim Jacket £45.00
4) Denim Jumpsuit £69.00
5) Denim Blouse Dress £45.00
6) Denim Pencil Skirt £35.00
7) Denim Skirt £45.00
8) Denim Dungaree Skirt £45.00
9) Denim Jeans £55.00
10) Denim Shorts £39.00

All of these luxurious, desirable denim items are off Esprit's website. Esprit are a German company which offer a wide array of clothing, from men's to women's to children's alongside a unique homeware section. Recently I have been loving their denim pieces which they have to offer especially their blouse dress, it's beautiful. You know what they say; you cannot go wrong with a piece of denim in your life. Every piece of clothing is made with exceptional quality and care whilst being distributed to your home for free. Perfect! Not only that but if you decide that you dislike an item or that it doesn't fit you can also send it back for no charge at all. Brilliant!

Not only is their fashion range standing out to me but I've also been admiring some of their homeware which they produce, especially their cushions, I think they're wonderful. What's your favourite denim clothing? If you'd like to see more of these where I pick out my favourite items, then let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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