Empties #3 Will I Repurchase?

It feels like yesterday that I was writing my Empties #1 and #2 posts, yet here I am today writing #3 of the series. This lucky number three post includes tangerine looking concealer, smelly skincare and the odd lovable product which you can look forward to reading about below.
Rimmel match perfection foundation
I was devastated and I mean truly devastated when I went to pick up this foundation the other week but realized I only had one tiny pump of foundation left. I was scraping all the sides with the pump to attempt in getting any remaining foundation left out but I was out of luck. Its time had come. There was no foundation left. I'd never actually finished a whole pot/tube/jar of foundation before this moment so it was an achievement at its best. I loved this foundation; the colour match, coverage, texture, dewiness, finish, everything was perfect for me. I can tell through the screen you're sympathizing my loss and lust over this foundation but don't worry as I can assure you that I've already got a new one in my collection, that's how much I adore it! Since they're reformulated the foundation I dislike it quite a lot which is upsetting as I loved this foundation.

Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer

I picked this one up in encouragement for myself to start using other concealers, other than just Collection's favourite lasting perfection, however, this was not the case when I began using it. The shade range is atrocious as the only three shades they provide are light, medium and dark, I mean come on, not everyone is going to be spot on light, medium or dark, I'm sure 90% of us will be somewhere in between all of them. I just ended up looking like a tangerine, not a great look! The coverage is acceptable although it has light reflecting particles producing a glittery look on your face which I personally dislike. I will not be purchasing this concealer ever again.

A lip balm is essential in every girl's handbag although this one will be being left at home next time I step out the door purely because of the sticky texture it produces on my lips. I can't justify if this is because I apply too much product or as to whether it's the general consistency of the lip balm as it is an intense care one. Previously, I have owned other Maybelline baby lips and I've enjoyed using those, especially the tinted ones however I never got on with this one so I won't be repurchasing it.

Maybelline great lash mascara 
I find that this mascara really lengthens my lashes whilst providing a curl which lasts throughout the whole day. It's got a very small wand which I like as I find that it gets each and every individual lash, coating them all, this makes my lashes look fuller and extremely black which I love. People normally go for the pricier mascaras on the market however for £4.99 this has to be my most loved.

Moving onto skincare now; I've got quite an array of products from numerous brands including Body shop, Soap and Glory, Simple and Garnier etc. Getting the basics out the way we have a deodorant and body spray. I count these two as an essential in every bodies life; I find that when I use spray deodorants they tend to run out quicker which is why I prefer roll-ons.

Hand gels are essential if you're someone who travels a lot as you're always on public transport which can be very disgusting for some people, however, with this hand gel you'd be put at ease. These are the Body Shop hand gels in the scents satsuma and strawberry. If you saw my post about Primark hand gels then these are the complete opposite. I love the scents of these, they're so strong yet they smell incredible! They're quite expensive, pricing at £2.50 each but in my opinion, they're definitely worth it.

Body Shop's frosted cranberry body butter-Post

I would 100% repurchase this product.  
Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Scrub-Post
I would not repurchase this.
Simple's night cream
I do like this night cream for the fact that it's highly moisturizing bringing lots of suppleness to your skin, however, I never really noticed a difference to my skin when I was using it. If you've got dry skin this would be perfect whereas I've got combination. I was never too keen on the scent of this night cream; it smells very odd. Nonetheless, I wouldn't repurchase this product as I've found a better night cream which is working wonders for my skin now.

That's a wrap. We've come to the end of another empties post. Let me know in the comments if you've tried any of these or what's in your empties.
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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