The Money Saving Book

Money in the blogging industry and in general is hard to keep hold of as there is always something that we each want for one reason or the other and we always end up purchasing it. Always. But, this book has taught me a life lesson of saving money because once in our lives we have all related to when the going gets tough-the tough go shopping.
Do you love shopping? Spending money on make-up and clothes when really you've got enough? Getting the same piece of clothing in two different colours just because you love it that much? Or purchasing one make-up item then realizing it's on a 3 for 2 offer so you have to pick up two extra products? Is this you? If so, like me, 99.9% of you will be able to relate to this one single book which has changed the way I spend and splurge my money.


A girl called Rebecca Bloomwood is a self confessed shopaholic, it's all she can think of, morning day and night whilst working in her office as a journalist. Although, throughout her journey she's bought a few too many luxury items which have made a dent into her bank balance which seems to be excessively decreasing after every penny gets thrown away on a new piece of clothing. It's not until her bank continuously ring/email/send letters to her that she realizes she has to do something about it. A small chat with her parents made it clear to her that the sudden realization was that she was going to have to stop shopping or start making more money. What will she do? From running around in multiple circles, trying absolutely everything possible she can, is anything going to solve her shopping addiction? Will the penny drop? 

Hints and Tips:

Throughout the book there are several things which Rebecca learns and is taught which are supposed to help her save money each day, even if she doesn't follow through with them.

At the start of the week you should have a notebook and pen ready to write down everything as and when you purchase it, whether it's a cappuccino from Costa or a pair of gorgeous heels, write what you're bought and then the price next to it. Then once you've come to the end of the week you can total up how much money you've spent; you might be surprised! Note down at the bottom or top of your page how much you spent that week, highlight, underline, whatever you feel is best to make it stand out. Now here comes the change, the week after you now need to carry out your week but cut down on spending as much as possible. Do you really need that coffee on the way to work in the morning or that 3 for 2 offer on make-up? Instead you can take a flask with coffee you've made from home along with a packed lunch instead of going to the shop to get a meal deal. Just like the week before you need to start a new page and write down where you've spent money. At the end of the week you should notice a big difference between your first and second week as you've cut out unnecessary spending habits. Calculate how much you've saved, is it a lot?

How I've Tried To Changed:

When I take a trip out to town, work, college, wherever it is I always take a bottle of water and lunch with me, I feel for people who spend money on a bottle of water in a shop when they have it at home!

I have taken another tip out of this book that is to write down everything which I've spent my money on, it really shows me where my money is going and how I can cut back myself. Nowadays when I take a trip into Boots or Superdrug I only ever get something if I need it, I know it can be hard for lots of us but the amount of money I've saved is incredible! Likewise when I'm online shopping and I find something that I love, I'll shop around first, I won't just stay on that one shop, I'll try to find the best deal that that item has, whether one website has it a penny cheaper or another £5 cheaper, every saving you make is helping.

Are you Rebecca Bloomwood in disguise and need to think about cutting down on your spending? Let me know if you can relate to this book and whether you'll take on board any of these tips.
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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