The Secret To Colour Correcting

There are so many different concealers and corrector palettes on the market but do we actually know what their purposes are? Green, lilac and pink concealers are becoming ever more popular but what for, are they to make your Instagram pictures look more fancy or do they help make a difference in the everyday looks we create with make-up? It's a mystery to the majority of us and that is why today I'm going to be talking about the secret to colour correcting concealers.
I've got the Make-Up Revolution corrector palette  which I absolutely love. I find it extremely useful for all make-up looks and I adore that all of the shades work perfectly on my skin, likewise with yours too. The palette itself comes with a pink, purple/lavender, green, orange, peach, white, cream/yellow and brown/auburn shade which shows the versatility of the palette. 

Pink: Brightens areas which are dark and dull. You know when you wake up in the morning and you've got large bags from the night before where you've stayed up too late? Well, this shade is going to be your favourite as it's going to banish them and brighten up the area. 

Purple/Lavender: This counteracts and neutralizes yellow tones and sallowness on your skin. 

Green: Green is my all time favourite coloured corrector ever. If you have spots or patches of redness then you'll be google-eyed in love with this shade too as it covers these in no time and diminishes the look of redness. Life saver! If you're a make-up artist it's great to use this one when you're doing someones wedding make-up, just don't show them that they look like Shrek!

Orange: These are your usual skin tone concealers which everyone uses day in day out. This is perfect to use on top of other coloured concealers for example I use the green to cover redness from my spots so I'll then go ahead and use the orange to cover up and make it blend into my skin tone instead of me looking green and ill.

Peach: This is the shade which I never normally touch as it's used for balancing out any discolouration.

White: If you love a dewy, glowing look than this white is for you. White works as a highlight, by adding this to the high points of your face you'll be adding a lovely, brightening glow. Applying it underneath your foundation will make the look of your foundation more bright and dewy!

Cream/Yellow: These shades neutralize purple and blueness which you may have on your skin from veins or bruises. If you're someone who's self-conscious of your veins on your face then this is perfect for you as they'll be camouflaged in an instance.

Brown/Auburn: Another shade which I don't tend to use is this one as it helps to balance ashiness on certain skin types. Medium to dark skin tones are normally those who may benefit from using this shade in the palette, unlike me as I'm very, very fair.

I hope this has helped you out if you were unsure about any of the colours in the palette. Do you use a corrector palette or concealers, if so which ones? Did you know this, were you surprised by any of the shades?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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