Ways To Treat Your Mum This Mother's Day

There are 365 days in one year which equals out to be 365 days in which you love your mother with the whole of your heart. But out of the 365 days you have one day, one day dedicated entirely to your mother. You need to take that day and do everything you can to make your mum feel like the best person in the whole entire world, all mums have to be treated once in a while!
You should know what your mum likes and dislikes, whether it's shopping, cooking or exercise, think about whether she's always stressed and tired as these can indicate to you what you need to do to make the day worthwhile.

Food Lover Mum:

Bake a cake for/with her
Make breakfast, lunch, dinner for her,
Make her signature/favourite meal,
Allow her to enjoy her favourite beverage,
Make a hamper full of her favourite food,
Buy her chocolates,
Go out to her favourite restaurant/bar/pub/cafe

Adventurous Mum:

Take her swimming,
Do a mud run,
Go to the gym together,
Go to a theme/water park,
Go to GO APE,
Go on a family walk in the countryside,
Take a walk down the sea front,
Watch the sunrise/sunset
Take her to her favourite place,
Have a picnic

Relaxed Mum:
Take her to the spa,
Give her a massage,
Paint her nails,
Put on face masks and listen to whale music,
Light some candles,
Give her a luxury Lush bath,
Buy her flowers,
Allow her to have the choice of TV all day,
Bring out old photo albums of you and your family when you were children,
Make a photo collage

Those are just some ideas on what you can do and ways you can treat your mum this mother's day. What are you going to be doing?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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