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Natural products are becoming ever more popular as the beauty industry continues to change as well as people's opinions on the products which they're applying to their face day in and day out. That's why, when I got introduced to Eco-Natural Products company I was excited to see if their products were going to change the way I think about natural products in the future.
Eco-Natural are an online company which offer a wide array of organic and natural beauty products ranging from their Marseille soaps, which I'll be talking about today, to their makeup, slippers and washing Indian nuts. All of their products are organic and natural alongside their packaging which they aim to recycle and reuse in order to lower the carbon footprint as well as sharing packaging they love with their customers. 

Marseille soaps lemon*and strawberry*

When selecting the options on the website I adored the idea that the names of the scents on the soaps were written in French; I thought it was a very unique and interesting mark. When testing these soaps out I loved that they were true to their names as they were highly scented which is refreshing when in the shower. I used these in conjunction to shaving with a razor because the soaps are enriched with shea butter it made my legs extremely smooth afterwards. Once I had used the soap I noticed that the colour of them seemed to of worn off, becoming less pigmented but nonetheless I enjoyed using these for shaving.
Avril Lipstick in Rose Vintage Nacre*
I was in love with all of the shades which they have to offer on their website although, the one which stood out to me most was this cool toned, pinky nude. It's gorgeous! I love the packaging of this, it's small, sophisticated and secure which is ideal for travelling. However, I was hugely disappointed with this product, the scent is off-putting, to say the least. Wearing this on my lips was a chore, I kept it on for a whole ten minutes and had to remove it, I could not stand the scent on my lips. If you're someone who can ignore the scent of lipsticks then this range of lipsticks are perfect, but for me, they would only work if they had a more pleasant scent then I would be head over heals for them.
Avril Lip Pencil in Chataigne*
I've used this quite a few times now since I've received it as it's such a lovely pencil. When on the lips it's a lovely deep red, pink shade which produces a gorgeous matte look whilst not being drying. I love that it's hydrating on my lips, this is because it's infused with shea butter and jojoba oil which gives it its soft, creamy consistency. When I first swatched this pencil it left small, circles of the product on my hand, which are visible on the pencil, this was strange but once you've got all of them off then the product is completely fine. I found that this pencil stayed on my lips for four hours which I wasn't expecting. This pencil is one of my most used lip products recently, I love it!

My first encounter with natural products was not bad at all. I would like to pick up some more of their lip pencils in the future along with some more of their soaps. Have you tried any natural products or brands, will you be trying them now?
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