Products To Stay Away From #3

I hate the feeling when you've bought a product, which other people have loved, but you have the opposite feelings for. You try and try continually to make it do good for you but nothing works so you have to give up hope on it. It's an upsetting moment!
W7 A Hint Of Bali-Post
Although at first I loved the thought of this tint as it was a great dupe for some of Benefits however, after using it a couple of times I've noticed that this tint does absoloutly nothing. Nothing at all. It's a blood red shade; but when put onto the cheeks, because of the watery consistency, it produces no pigmentation at all. The other tints are brilliant but this one is a no go.

Roger and Gallet Hand and Nail Balm-Post
When it comes to hand creams I have my favourites but, when I had heard a few people speaking about this brand I was excited to try this one out. I was slightly disappointed when I squirted it out of the packaging; the balm was a very clumped formula, not creamy at all which I disliked. In regards to the scent, it is fig, not the most popular scent I've ever smelt; as I've continued to use it the scent has grown on me as it's very unique. My main hatred about this product is its consistency as it wasn't creamy which meant the balm didn't sink into my hands very easily. 

Barry M Blusher

I got this blusher in a lucky dip bag when I visited the clothes roadshow this year and the products I got within the bag were mediocre. This blush came in the disappointing category. For one, the packaging is not secure it doesn't even close. How am I meant to take this travelling I ask you? In the compact, you also get a small brush inside to apply the blush but this malts extremely easy and is harsh on the skin. Additionally, the blush itself isn't pigmented which can be seen as a positive as the shade is a hot pink, it shows up on the skin as a subtle pink wash.
Avon Color Trend Lipstick in Violet Friday-Post
I love this lipstick but I hate it at the same time purely because of the shade which I bought, a bright violet. Bright violets most definitely do not suit me at all which I'm really upset about as the pigmentation and consistency of this lipstick is amazingly creamy.

Brilliant For A Smile To Dazzle Whitening Kit
I've always wanted to have perfectly white teeth so I thought I'd invest in a small kit to help me get started. As soon as I started using this kit I realised I was fond hater of using a mouth tray; this was a horrendous experience as it made me gag! However, many times I'd try and make it work and put up with it but I just couldn't; it was horrible. In regards to the other items which came in the kit, you have an accelerator which built up bacteria inside the sponge, not pleasant at all. If you know a whitening kit which works and doesn't include a mouth tray please let me know in the comments below!

Those are just some of the products I advise you to stay away from. If you like these posts then don't forget to check out my previous ones:#1 and #2. Let me know if you've tried any of these before and what you've been disliking lately. 
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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