The Must Have Brow Product

For my birthday I asked literally everyone, from my friends to their mums and their pets, for just one product, one little pot of wonder which would change my brow game forever. It's the Anastasia Beverlyhills dipbrow pomade.
I understand that the whole entire blogger/Youtube population have spoken ever so highly about this brow product which is why I needed to get my hands on it. Who knew a 4.0g pot would bring us all such happiness and joy?

I've got the shade soft brown, which was a wild guess, but it suits my brows perfectly. My hair is light brown with a slight touch of ginger running throughout. From experience I've found that a little bit goes a long way with this product therefore, you only need the slightest bit to make your brows look pristine and sculpted.

Rain is a part of the weather which we cannot control, however, with this pomade on your eyebrows there's no need to protect your face from the rain as this small pot is waterproof, saving you from any unexpected changes in weather. There's no need to worry about half your eyebrow slipping down your face as this product is long-lasting and will stay put throughout all weathers, including rain or shine.

I would say after trying this out for a couple of months it has begun to dry up which I'm quite disappointed about but, nonetheless, you can still use the product you just have to move your brush around in the product more.

For £15.00 I'd highly recommend this product, it's a huge step up from my old brow routine. Have you tried this ABHs' product or will you be wanting to try it in the future? 
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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