The Spot Treatment Which Works

I've never found a spot cream which has worked wonders for my skin, which is why I never tend to pick them up in stores as I associate them as a waste of money. Although, when I got introduced to the acne ultra clear cream* I was amazed after testing it out for a month to evaluate whether it would make a difference to my skin or not.
The acne ultra clear cream contains 100% natural ingredients, a few of which include coconut oil, beeswax and pot marigold which all benefit your skin. As well as this, the product doesn't have any artificial colours within in, leaving the cream a straw, yellow shade. This product gives you 50ml of product which can also be used as a moisturiser to prevent and reduce the appearance of any spots which may appear on your skin. Using it as a moisturise allows it to combat the bacteria and spots which are on the surface of your skin alongside hydrating it, leaving it feels smooth and soft.

I apply this cream in the mornings and evenings to allow the cream to delve into my skin, aiding the prevention of spots. In the mornings I would find that my spots have reduced in size and decreased in redness, relieving any tension from the underneath, volcano feeling spots.
In regards to scent this product does let you down, personally, I think it smells of the food you give to animals in farm parks when you're five years old. It isn't pleasant at all; this is purely because of the natural ingredients which are involved in making the product. In the long term you do get immune to the scent so it doesn't bother you, but at first, you may be in disgust.

Overall I did enjoy using the cream, I visibly noticed less spots appearing on my face within a couple of days, especially at that time of the month there were countably less spots than before. It's perfect for getting rid of pesky spots; it's a wonder treatment for your skin. I would recommend this for all skin types if you get spots, it works its magic. A little bit goes a long way so you definitely get your moneys worth here. What spot treatments do you use, do you like the sound of this? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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