4 Feel Good RomCom Films

It's that time of the month, where you're an emotional wreck and all you want to do is stay in bed, scoffing your face with chocolate and ice-cream whilst watching your favourite films. For me it's all about romantic comedies; from the popular Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging to a singing Sunshine On Leith, they're my go to to make any mood better.

Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging
When at school all you have is a group of best friends with no eye candy to look at it can get pretty boring until two hot brothers from out of town come and join your school, what more could you ask for? With you and your best friend both falling goo-goo eyed in love it can be a struggle to win them over as of course the popular girls always get there first. Will Georgia or her friends find love?

A Cinderella Story
Living in a world filled with two ugly sisters and a wicked step mother, Sam is struggling to find her feet with her job and school. But throughout her journey she's been talking to a mystery man online, Austin, he doesn't know who she is even though they attend the same school. With her step mother being awfully strict, she makes Sam work on the day of the school dance meaning she cannot attend, however, with her work friends sticking up for her she dresses up for the dance beautifully. The only annoyance is that she has to be home by midnight. Will she ever get to reveal herself to her prince or will she be stuck forever in an endless cycle of torture?

Chalet Girl
When a job abroad requires you to leave your family behind for your new life would you take it? For Kim it was all about getting the money, to support her dad as times were getting tough, but as she started her new job as a chalet girl she was beginning to learn the perks of her job. Learning to snowboard was the first hurdle whilst falling in love was the second, but as things progress throughout her job in the chalet, will she be able to compete in the pro-boarding competition or will love conquer all?

Sunshine on Leith

Two Scottish best friends return home from working in Afghanistan where they are welcomed home by their grateful parents, who are awaiting their 25th wedding anniversary. With everyone being so happy and the two boys rekindling love nothing could stop this group of Scots from doing anything until the day of the anniversary. Word breaks out about Rab's past putting everyone's relationships on the line, no one can trust anyone anymore but can they combat it all and become the big happy family again?

Those are my four feel good films which I love and nearly know all the words to. Is that sad? Do you love any of these and what's your favourite feel-good film?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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