Beauty Sponges&How To Store Them

With so many beauty sponges on the market, is one sponge for £16 really going to solve all of your makeup problems or is the solution just to get a cheap one which does the same job?
Sponges have been introduced into the makeup industry to expand the use of brushes; a sponge can offer what a brush cannot. Depending on the shape of the sponge it can give you different benefits e.g the pointed end allows you to get into the crooks and crevices of your face, whilst a domed egg can get underneath your eyes etc.

Many beauty bloggers own the original beauty blender and swear by that one sponge whether it be damp or dry however for me, cheap and cheerful is the best way. I've had my fair share of beauty sponges and the ones which stand out to me most are the inexpensive ones which you can find on Amazon for around £2 for five.
These sponges are brilliant as you can buy them in bulk for such an inexpensive price. The way that I use them is dry, some may use them damp due to the softer effect it may give you on your skin but, I find that this reduces the amount of coverage the foundation gives. Sponges are very easy to use especially in a stippling motion, I dot the foundation on my face and then go in with the sponge to buff it into my skin. When using the sponges I find that they produce no streaks unlike some brushes and leave you with a flawless finish. Isn't that what everyone is looking for?

When it comes to storing my sponges I love to keep them in my C mug. This mug is so beautiful and looks lovely sitting on my desk with the different coloured sponges popping out of the top. I find that this is the most convenient storage system for sponges! How do you store your sponges and what are your opinions on them? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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