Empties #5 Will I Repurchase?

If everytime I finished a product and kept the packaging of it I'm pretty sure that I'd have filled a whole room by now full of empty items, whether that's good or bad I'm not too sure. However, it's that time again where my drawer has become full to the brim of empty bottles.
Josh Wood Full Bodied Shampoo-Post
I received this travel sized bottle for Christmas and I thoroughly enjoyed using it. It's a 50ml bottle and I got seven uses out of it meaning my hair could last for two days before it needed washing. This shampoo contains rice protein which effectively helps to protect, add shine and volume to your hair and I can say that my hair had a lot more volume in it than normal as well as feeling soft. Overall I would repurchase this if it was more affordable as it is £9.50 per bottle.

Body Shop Shea Body Whip
This and the following product came in a small gift set for my birthday or Christmas and although I'm a big fan of the Body Shop's work I wasn't pleased with the scent of this shea whip. When it came to applying the whip I found that it was a very thin consistency which meant that it sunk into my skin extremely quickly. I feel that it didn't hydrate my skin at all which is why I wouldn't repurchase this.

Body Shop Shea Shower Cream
Shower creams are different to gels in the fact that they don't lather up as much, they give a more hydrating and soft feel to the skin. When in the shower I love for products to lather, create bubbles and live by the motto a little bit goes a long way but, with this shower cream, you need a lot to cover the surface area of your body and I mean a lot. Personally, this is the first product I've ever owned from the Body shop which I have 100% disliked.
Body Shop Mango Hand Cream-Post
This hand cream is one of my all-time favourite products. It's extremely hydrating and the scent is supreme! I will be repurchasing this in the future but for now, I've got a few hand creams which I want to use up before I do so.

Real Techniques Beauty Complexion Sponge
I've gone through my fair share of complexion sponges by Real Techniques and this one has almost certainly seen the light of day. It's stained, bruised and battered with specks of sponge shedding constantly, this sponge has come to the end of its life. I wouldn't repurchase this sponge as I've found a pack on Amazon for £2 which have worked better and are cheaper which is also a bonus.

What products have you used up recently and do you enjoy any of these?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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