Flawless Shadows for £8

When I think of Makeup Revolution I think of pigmented, high quality, inexpensive, long lasting and a joy to use, so I couldn't fault their flawless palette at only £8.
Everyone loves Makeup Revolution there's no doubt about that, my love for them rises and rises everytime I pick up one of their products, including this one. At £8 you receive 32 shadows, shimmers and mattes, a wide range of shades, humongous mirror as well as a separate film of plastic stating the names of each shade. What more do you want in a palette?

The metallic shimmers in this palette are incomparable to anything else. They're incredible. The pigmentation, shimmer pay off, longevity on the eyelid, everything. Everything about them is amazing, especially highlite, copper shimmer, medal and golden night.

Row One:

Paper=One of the least pigmented out of the palette, plain banana shade,
Soft Glow=Subtle, shimmery champagne shade,
Buff=Silver shimmer,
Highlite=Perfect inner corner highlight, beautiful pearl shimmer,
Angel=Golden, yellow shimmer,
Unlimited=Bronze shimmer,
Brew=Copper, bronze shimmer,
Silver Smoke=Deep metal silver shade.
Row Two:
Almost there=Perfect transitional brown shade,
Uncover=Champagne pink,
Barely Pink=Subtle coral pink,
Lowlite=Golden bronze shimmer,
Golden Night=True bold, bright, gold shade,
Gold Digger=Coppery golden shade,
Cheerless=Dark grey with purple undertones,
Blue Stars=Black with blue undertones.
Row Three:
Smudge=Chocolate brown,
Shimmer Heart=Icy pink shade,
Universal=Rose gold shimmer,
Copper Shimmer=Self explanatory copper shimmer,
Medal=Golden shimmer with bronze undertones,
Darkest Shimmer=Bronze with red undertones,
Tarnish=Dark brown with gold undertones,
Black Tie=Navy blue with silver glitter.
Row Four:
Pure Chocolate=Deep chocolate shade,
Raw=Subtle, light brown transitional shade,
Red Night=Burnt red shimmer,
Molton Chocolate=Mixture of black, bronze and gold shimmer,
Burgundy Nights=Burnt red, burgundy matte,
Green Stars=Deep forest green with gold glitter,
Café Noir=Off black grey shade,
Night=Matte Black.
The main thing that I love about this palette is that there is such a wide array of colours, there's something for everyone; if you love golds, bronzes, greens, burgundies, pinks or a smokey eye of your choice, it's got it covered as it's so versatile.

This is such a steal for £8, it's amazing. Do you think this is a brilliant bargain at £8? What's your favourite Makeup Revolution product?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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