Empties #6 Will I Repurchase?

I must admit, this was quite an upsetting empties post for one reason and one reason only, Lush's snow fairy. Does anyone else get emotional when they finish certain products or is it just me?
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer-Post
Did someone mention the best drugstore concealer? This is it. Since I've started using makeup I've gone through quite a few of these and I always repurchase it as it's the best drugstore concealer. It provides such high coverage, underneath your eyes and on spots, it's invincible.

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Have you ever wondered what heaven smells like? Sweet, sugary, candy floss galore. I don't know anyone who dislikes this product as it is luxurious. It lathers wonderfully, smells incredible but is only available at Christmas time which makes me ridiculously upset. Someone remind me at Christmas that I need to stock up next time!

Lush Dirty Toothy Tabs

I had high expectations for these toothy tabs, I was expecting them to turn my teeth white whilst making my mouth feel minty fresh. Oh, how I was wrong! I didn't like using these at all, no matter how much I tried to like them it wouldn't work. They wouldn't lather up in my mouth as well as them leaving a disgusting taste in my mouth afterwards. I wouldn't recommend these at all!

Marseille Soaps*-Post

Of course, I don't have a photo of the soaps to show you anymore as they are in fact all used up. But, I thoroughly enjoyed using these in conjunction with shaving as they made my legs feel very smooth and they smelt amazing. I would repurchase these.

FlowerByKenzo Perfume Sample
This perfume is extremely popular yet expensive which is why I've never purchased the full sized bottle and wanted to try the sample first. It's fair to say that this perfume is a beautiful vanilla, sweet yet floral scent all at the same time; it's incredible. Although at this moment in time I don't need a perfume. I've got a million other ones to use first, I would purchase this in the future as it's such a signature, wonderful scent.

Miss Sporty Nail Polishes
These polishes are possibly the cheapest ones in which I own, but probably some of my favourites, even though they don't have a wide array of shades to choose from. The brush on this polishes are very big which is brilliant as it covers a lot of the nail plate quickly and easily; you have a lot of control when using the brush as well. In regards to the polish, it is very opaque meaning you only need one coat to have a perfect colour, this will also last you around 3-4 days before the nail polish begins to chip. I would repurchase these as they're great to use for short occasions.

I'm sad to see snow fairy go but I'll learn for next time to stock up! What have you finished up recently? 
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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