Essential Tools To Take on Holiday

When going on holiday, a week before I go, I always find myself writing a long list of everything I need to take with me whether its shoes, clothes or an essential tool to help me through my time away. Everything gets noted down, especially my must-have items!

Some of these are tools and then some of them are essentials which you would be taking on holiday with you. Everyone is different so I've included ones which some may not need but may be essential for others.

Sun Cream

Everyone should be wearing some sort of SPF on their face and body everyday whether it's in a foundation or a moisturiser; it's important to protect yourself. The sun is the fastest cause of ageing as well as it being harmful to our skin by causing skin cancer. You should always be protecting your skin to reduce these factors from happening.

Sanitary Towels/Tampons

Whichever is your personal preference it's most likely you take them wherever you go just in case mother nature decides to creep up on you, so don't forget when you're packing to go away to chuck some into your wash bag.

Hair Accessories

If you're visiting a hot country there's a high chance that at some point you'll have your hair down but get frustrated at the fact that you're experiencing having a sweaty neck. This is why you should always carry hair ties with you, for when you need to put your hair up and out of the way.


No-one wants to be strutting around in a bikini with bushy legs, do they? It's always great just to be able to shave your legs and underarms quickly before you go out to prevent any awkward encounters. It's just the same for tweezers, you want to keep on track of your eyebrows and not let them get out of hand.

Nail File

I hate it when you're going somewhere and then bam your nail decides that it wants to surprise you and start breaking off. Brilliant. You then have the temptation of picking if for the next hour before you get home to then file or cut it. But, taking a nail file with you will prevent being caught onto someone's clothing with your nail. Simple!

Sleeping Spray

If you're someone who gets homesick and struggles to sleep when away from home then this is a great tool to help you. If you spray your pillow with a couple of spritz of the spray it'll give off a calming effect making it easier for you to sleep at night. Who doesn't want a peaceful nights sleep anyway?

Those are the essential tools which I take on holiday, some I'll use every day then others I'll use merely once but they're all so handy to have just in case. What are your vacation essentials? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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