Get That Sweet Feeling

Imagine this. You're sitting in a blue and white striped deckchair situated on the most beautiful beach in the world, sipping your (insert drink name here) through a straw whilst wearing your most luxurious swimsuit/trunks with matching sunglasses, sat there loving life. The waft of sweets passes with the wind, marshmallows, sherbet lemons and fruit salads all smelling so tempting, reminding you of your childhood.
Let me pause you right there before you start booking a holiday in the Maldives...I'm talking about the luxury of these Imperial Leather sweet shower creams. If you've been a long time reader of Charlotte's Picks you'll be sure to know of my thoughts of the fruit salads but since then I've upgraded. I've upgraded to not only fruit salads but lemon sherbet and marshmallow.

Lemon sherbet is a pure white gel which lathers to produce hundreds and thousands of bubbles whilst giving off a fresh lemon scent. The citrus scent stays put on your body after you've washed with it, making you feel extra refreshed and clean. As the citrus scent gets inhaled into your body it clears your airways which is an added bonus.

When using marshmallow I was surprised at the fact that the shower gel was not pink in colour like the bottle, it was an off-white shade. This one is scented as a light, soft, gooey melted marshmallow; mmm! If you aren't one for strong scents then this will be the better one out of the three for you.

Does fruit salad, lemon sherbet and marshmallow sound tempting to you? They're extremely inexpensive and worth the money. Will you be picking these up soon? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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