Must-Have Beauty Items From Poundland

It's not everyday that I find myself strolling through the isles of Poundland, especially not when I actually spot something that I quite like or will find useful. Until, the other day, when I picked up these two beauty items.
Make-up brush cleansing pads are all the range, for cleaning your brushes, and because my Primark one was heaving with bacteria it was time to find a new one. This pad is actually meant for massage, but I think it's perfect for the use of cleaning brushes as it has two sides with different textures as well as a slot to put your hand in between so that it's sturdy. I also love the fact that it's so big! Perfect!

The other item which I picked up was this beautiful white, butterfly mirror. At first, I was positive that it was a frame but as I picked it up I noticed that it was a mirror; this looks lovely sat on my desk. The only time I'll use this mirror is to show my client's their make-up, as it's a super handy item to pass to them. It's not too big but not too small either which is ideal!

I'm someone who neglects Poundland but on the odd occasion that I decide to go in, I'm always amazed at something they have as the quality is pretty good! Who can complain at purchasing someone for £1 anyway? If you have a Poundland near you then definitely go and get yourself these items as they're very handy to have. I must admit, I nearly bought a handful of their candles as they smelt sublime! Do you like any of these items or will you be taking a trip to Poundland anytime soon?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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