The Beginning Of My Morphe Palette

Makeup Geek eyeshadows you say? Brilliant, spectacular and out of this world you say? I'm all ears...

Makeup Geek shadows are something I've wanted to try out for a long time now and I've just invested in the Morphe Magnetic Palette to begin the journey. When thinking about which shades I wanted to purchase at first it was a tough choice between the must-have neutrals or just starting with an interesting colour range. Colour range it was!

Ice Queen

An essential shade in which everyone should own as it has an array of purposes. It works as an inner and brow bone highlight as well as a base for eyeshadows to go onto. It adds a shimmery, white glow to the eyelids.

Wink for Pink

This was the only Morphe shade which I picked up, I couldn't resist as for only £1.99 I could have this pretty, subtle shimmery pink in my life. There are similar ones which Make-Up Geek have to offer for the same pigmentation, shimmer and creaminess.

Mai Tai

The only duo-chrome eye shadow which I picked up was this one as it went perfectly with the theme I was going for. This duo-chrome shade has hints of orange, pink and yellow running throughout which gives it its unique colour pay off. Depending on the angle at which you're looking at it will depend on what shimmer shines through; I love the effect which Mai Tai produces.
Left-Right: Ice Queen, Wink For Pink, Mai Tai, Confection, Morocco.
This cool-toned, muted mauve can be used as a crease colour or on its own. This wonderful, pastel matte shade is ideal for creating an everyday look.


This is by far my favourite shade out of all the ones I picked up; it's beautiful. It's a gorgeous burnt orange, a rustic, red matte shade which looks incredible when used in the crease as it's warm. Morocco would look amazing on those of you with tanned skin as the warmth will compliment your skin tone. Sublime! 

Those were all of the items which I purchased. I love the shades which I've got and I'm also very impressed with the quality of these individual shadows, they've outdone my expectations. They're amazing! I can't wait to place another order online to increase my collection.
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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