The Packaging Which Has Stayed With Me

Am I the only one who keeps the packaging of some beauty items because it's luxurious or has a meaning behind it? Maybe it was your first MAC lipstick or you had a humongous splurge on a brand's makeup, either way, I've got a collection of packaging which I love.
Make-Up Geek Pans
I'm pretty sure every beauty lover has one, two, maybe more Make-Up Geek products sitting in their Z palettes eagerly waiting to be used. Do you? These wonderful, little, circle pans bring lots of joy to those who love creating eye looks. Meanwhile, the packaging in which they arrive in well, I personally think, that the vibrant, bold and beautiful design on the packets are extremely exciting to receive in the post. Reminds me of a Zebra and who doesn't love Zebras?

First Benefit Product 

I remember feeling distraught yet happy over the fact that I'd just paid around £20 for a mascara, but who can complain it was their They're Real mascara and it was brilliant. At the time of purchasing this item I wasn't earning money, so I saved up all of my pocket money just to go and purchase something from Benefit; I had no clue what I was doing I just wanted something which was high end and looked pretty! In the end, it was a pretty good buy, as it was the only Benefit product which I knew anything about, but at the time £19.50 felt like £100!

MAC Lipstick
Although I, myself, don't own any MAC lipsticks, I know that the majority of you will own some and most likely remember the name of the first MAC lipstick you ever bought! Am I right? Whether you're a creme sheen, matte, frost or amplified creme kind of person you went for a shade which was most interesting to you. You may look back and think that you picked a horrendous shade in which you'll never use or you'll think back and realise that this lipstick is still one of your handbag essentials to this day. It's funny how time changes! For me, I remember the first time I stepped into a MAC shop and purchased their studio fix foundation and pro long wear concealer and it's fair to say I keep repurchasing them as they're so good!

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

I remember asking for this for my birthday as a gift as I didn't want to spend £29.00 on something that if you breathe near it disappears within seconds. As it was an expensive gift I couldn't chuck away the box could I! It's when you're watching a Youtube video and someone uses it to bake underneath their eyes and when they sweep it off with a brush you can see all the excess fly off in the background. There's something interesting and entertaining about that, I just don't know why.

Kiko Products
Picture this. I had never been into a Kiko shop until I was shopping with my best friend. I explained the scene when I purchased some of their lip products. On that day I did purchase some of their eye products as well. It was a very memorable moment as I had heard so much about the brand yet never been able to see the products in real life. I was in awe, to say the least, and did a lot of damage to my bank balance.

I loved writing this as it bought back so many individual memories and thoughts! Do you have any packaging which you've kept with you to remain as memories? Have you experienced any of these before?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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