Irresistible Curls

When it comes to styling hair I'm the last person you would want to come to as my skills are at a minimum. I own a pair of straighteners which I used to use excessively on a daily basis to straighten my hair, but the thought of curling my hair with them was a boring and long chore until I began using this automatic hair curler*.
When I saw that Irresistible Me had a rotating curling iron* I was amazed at how it was going to work as just like any normal curling iron it has a long, ceramic barrel except this one rotates. Not only does it rotate but it has two buttons, left and right, just above the red button which allows you to control the direction in which the barrel rotates as well as pressing the red one to return it to the start position.

Other features that this iron holds is that it heats up in under a minute, to be precise, making it quick and easy to use and it automatically turns off after one hour. If you're forgetful or usually in a rush then this is perfect for you as you won't come home to your house burnt down!

In order to create a full head of curls I wrap a chunk of hair around the barrel, clip it into place, press the left or right button and it'll do the hard work for you. I'll hold this in position for around 20 seconds then press the red button and release the clip holding my hair and my hair will have a lovely, natural curl. I repeat this for the rest of my hair. Easy!

It's so easy to achieve beautiful curls which doesn't take more than 20 minutes; I love using this iron. What do you use to curl your hair and what do you think to this automatic curling iron?
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Charlotte x
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