Summer Superfruit Masks

I always associate fruity face masks with Summer due to them being tropical, as well as their bright colours and subtle scents.
Superdrug offer a range of 99p facial masks, normally on a 3 for 2 buy, which come in an array of scents and different types including clay and peel off ones. I picked up two superfruits masks and one tropical peel off one, all with a variety of purposes. As these are only 99p they aren't going to magically transform your skin so that it's perfectly smooth and clear, but they will absorb any oil which may be on the surface of your skin, hydrate your skin and peel away any dirt or dead skin which may be on the skin. 

Superfruits Exfoliating Mask
This mask has micro-beads in to help the exfoliation process; this makes your skin feel smoother, look healthier and more youthful and also it gives a radiant glow as the dead skin has been removed. The consistency of this mask is quite thick, allowing the black cherry scent to be strong yet refreshing. 

Superfruits Clay Mask
I was surprised when I was applying this one to my face as it is a very thin, yoghurt-like formula, considering it's a clay mask! The scent of this is beautiful as if you just picked some fresh berries. Not only did it smell lovely but this mask was very beneficial for me as it absorbed the oil in my t-zone and it removed dead skin cells and dirt off the surface of my face. Once the mask was removed my skin felt tighter, smoother and softer.

Tropical Cocktail Peel-Off Mask

This was the one which benefited me the least, as I have combination skin clay masks work better for me as they remove the excess oil which I may have. If you have normal or dry skin then you'll benefit from this mask as it'll be hydrating on your skin. However, this removed the dirt alongside making my skin look and feel clean, smooth and glowing. The scent, as the name suggests, is very fruity and tropical which is lovely on a Summer's evening.

These masks are incredibly inexpensive and great for the odd Summer evening and a great idea to do for a sleepover. What are your favourite masks?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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