3 Steps To Smooth, Silky Soft Hair

My hair has never looked nor felt so good in my entire life and I believe it's down to my hair care routine which I'm carrying out every other day. As we all get told that washing your hair every day is bad for you, I've settled for washing it every other day or every three days if I'm not going anywhere as I don't want to overpower my hair with chemicals. Now that I've got this routine I can't stop looking at my hair; it looks amazing!
3 Steps To Smooth, Silky Soft Hair
TRESemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Conditioner
I alter between shampoos all the time however, I've been hooked on this conditioner ever since I laid my hands on it. This conditioner is intensely moisturizing due to the vitamin E, sunflower, hazelnut and almond extracts which aid the dull and dryness in your hair. Once I've rinsed out the conditioner my hair feels extremely soft as well as being full of hydration and life.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Express Conditioner-Post

When I'm out the shower I like to towel dry my hair and let it dry naturally without any heat, as the heat will damage my hair. Whilst it's drying I like to spray lots of this express conditioner in my hair to help it become stronger, silkier and shinier. I find that this spray allows my hair to have a final touch of glossiness so that when it's dry it shines and feels super soft.

Percy and Reed No Oil Oil-Post

After I've used the express conditioner I love to use this no oil oil. Unlike other oils this one doesn't leave your hair looking nor feeling greasy, it leaves you with voluminous, smooth, silky soft hair ready to be styled. What I love about this oil is that a little bit goes a long way, I find that one or two pumps are enough to run through the ends of my hair to add extra hydration whilst reducing the amount of frizz which may occur.

Using these three products together on my hair has left my hair looking healthier than ever before. I highly recommend you checking these three out as I'm sure they'll change the way you see your hair also. What are your hair care secrets?
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