A New Approach To Brush Cleaning

When the two-week timescale comes to an end, your brushes are heaving in make-up and bacteria, the thought of cleaning your brushes runs to the back of your mind as it's the last thing you want to be spending your time doing. Just think of all the makeup you could be buying whilst you're washing your brushes?
A New Approach To Brush Cleaning
I used to use the baby shampoo and water technique in conjunction with a mitt but I was wasting far too much baby shampoo when really all you need is a tiny bit of soap and water. I know what you're thinking; soap may be bad for your brushes as using soap to clean your face is extremely bad. But, using soap to clean your brushes works: it removes dirt and leftover make-up, kills nearly all of the bacteria alongside thoroughly cleaning them.

I like to use the Crabtree&Evelyn la source soap as it has many moisturising benefits within. The soap is enriched with shea butter which leaves the brushes feeling smooth and soft once dried, this is beneficial for when you use the brushes after the deep clean as they won't feel harsh on your skin as well as not leaving any streaks when you apply foundation.

Using a soap has made my brushes feel and look incredibly clean; I love using it. Have you tried using soap before for cleaning your brushes? What do you use?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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