How To Make Make-Up Packaging Canvas

I've always been one for collecting packaging of makeup, whether it has a memory behind it or just for the sake of it hoarding it. But ever since I watched Jasmine Hand's video about how to create a canvas using the empty packaging I jumped to the thought of it as I thought it was an extremely cool yet creative idea, instead of leaving my packaging to sit in a drawer.
How To Make Make-Up Packaging Canvas
What You Need:
1 Canvas which I got from Poundland,
Hot Glue Gun with glue,
Empty Packaging.

First off you'll need to arrange your packaging onto the canvas so that it fits into a nice order which you are happy with. Once you're content with the layout you've chosen you can go ahead and hot glue gun the packaging at each corner whilst placing the item firmly down after it's glued to allow it to stick better. Repeat this for all of the packaging and you'll have yourself your very own, unique, make-up packaging canvas.

How To Make Make-Up Packaging Canvas
If you have leftover packaging then don't worry, you can store this away ready for you to make another canvas next time when you have more! Let me just mention that the hardest part about making this canvas was laying out all the items in an order that fitted onto the canvas; I do have a few sparse patches on my canvas but this was my first go and hopefully as I carry on doing them I'll get better.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this canvas and I can't wait to make more in the future, maybe I'll do some colour coordinated ones, who knows? What do you think of this canvas and would you make one?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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