The Simple Way To Remove Pesky Spots

When it comes to spots it's fair to say that I get my fair share of them due to the fact that I've got combination skin, I mostly get them in my t-zone: chin, nose and forehead. Regardless of this I never find myself purchasing any spot cream, gels or oils as I find nothing works, which is why I was sceptical to try out these dream dots which are for designed for spots.
Dream Dots For Spots Review
Dream dots for spots are small, circular treatment patches which aim to purify, protect and calm your spots. The idea behind these dots is that you apply one to your spot before you go to sleep and throughout the night the dot will magically aid your pore, minimising it, healing it, clearing it and protecting it. In the morning you would remove the patch and cleanse your face as normal and then if you felt like your spot needed more assistance you'd apply another one the following night.

My experience with these spots was an interesting one as I was unsure that these dots would actually work or in fact do anything for my spots, large or small. I was trying out their 24 dots packand when thinking about depending on how your skin is, depends on how quickly you go through a pack; I think I'll be needing a bigger pack next time!

Around the time of the month, I develop a few papules. Papules are those underneath the skin, volcano-like spots which can cause you a lot of pain, they don't produce any pus nor a whitehead, they're just a small raise in the skin. When I applied a dot onto the papule I noticed that over time the spot was becoming less red, less painful and slowly but surely getting smaller. It took 5 days which means 5 dots to reduce the spot to near or less nothing which I was amazed at as normally these would last for ages, this was very surprising.

Meanwhile, on whiteheads, I noticed that when I woke up in the morning the centre of the dot was white which showed something had happened overnight. The spot itself was less red and the whitehead was pain-free so you can pop the spot and it will cause no harm at all, the following evening I would reapply one to the same area and the dot would purify, cleanse and heal the spot making my skin feel bacteria free.

I was really pleased with these dream dots, I think they're an amazing creation. I highly recommend these if you're prone to spots as they work wonders for mine, making them disappear within days. I've got a discount code for you to use to get 10% off your order, use the code Dream10 when you reach the checkout. What do you think of these? Was this too gory for your liking?
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