Empties #8 Will I Repurchase?

The last time I wrote an empties post I talked about how I was trying extremely hard to finish some make-up products and in the long run I have failed but, for the sake of this post I have triumphed by completing two make-up product.
Empties #8 Will I Repurchase?
Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer-Post
This concealer is brilliant for underneath the eyes as the sponge cushion isn't too harsh on the delicate under eye area. However, the sponge isn't the most sanitary form of application, I found that over time the sponge became clogged with concealer making the concealer oxidise. Regardless of this, the coverage which this concealer gives is phenomenal. I get quite bad bags and this covers them in an instance! I'm half and half as to whether I would purchase this again as mine did oxidise in the tube quite quickly but it's an amazing concealer.

Bourjois Feutre Eyeliner-Post

I've never been the best at eyeliner. I went through a phase where I would use it every day to then use it once in around 6 months, it was a strange experience. Now that I'm starting to get back into wearing it I came to the end of this one. This eyeliner has quite a soft, flexible nib which makes it hard to do a precise, strong wing which I like to attempt to create. Also when you line your eyes with this I find that the pigmentation isn't the greatest, it isn't a true black colour you do have to build it up. which is why I wouldn't repurchase this liner.
Empties #8 Will I Repurchase?
NSPA Hot Cloth Polish*-Post
Words can't justify my love for this cleanser, I've mentioned it in a couple of posts before where I'm in awe with it. If you're looking for an inexpensive, great, amazing, outstanding, incredible, brilliant, the best cleanser then look no further! I need to pick another one up asap!

Nivea Refreshing Toner*-Post

This toner is very inexpensive which is one of the reasons as to why I love it so much. Once I've cleansed my skin I will then go in and tone with this toner and my skin will feel instantly fresh, clean, tight, poreless and smooth. This toner contains aloe vera which helps to reduce any redness which you may have, I can get redness on my cheek areas and this seemed to diminish the look of the redness and soothe the skin. I would repurchase this toner as I don't have a bad word to say about it.

Roger and Gallet Fleur de Figuier Hand and Nail Balm-Post

I have a love-hate relationship with this hand cream due to its consistency and scent, the only reason I finished it was because I wanted to use a new hand cream without wasting it! I would say that after prolonged use of this balm my hands we're more nourished and soft but there are better hand creams on the market which I would happily purchase for less money.

Avon Christian Lacroiz Bijou For Her Perfume Sample

I was given quite a few of these mini samples from my work colleague and I'm glad I tried them out. This perfume has a collection of notes, from floral to sweet to vanilla but not too overpowering; it's an interesting array of scents. I downside of this perfume is that it has no lasting power whatsoever. At first, the scent is strong and dominant but within an hour it disappears. Not good at all! You'll end up using the full bottle in a month when really it should last a lifetime therefore, I wouldn't purchase this perfume.

This was a mixed bunch of empties. What products have you used up recently? Have you tried any of these? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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