Wearing Your Colours For 9/11

9/11 is a significant yet tragic date in everyone's lives due to the terrorist attacks which took place in the United States of America back in 2001. Nearly 3,000 people were killed as the terrorists crashed into the Twin Towers; an awfully upsetting event which we can only hope never happens again. Therefore, it is ever so important to remember the lives which were taken by wearing the colours of the flag to show your support.
Wearing Your Colours For 9/11
Freedom Pro Lipstick in Red Wine-£1.00
This lipstick amazes me every time I use it. Although the packaging is cheap, basic plastic the product inside fills me with love. There is something about the formula of this lipstick that attracts me to it so much, alongside the price tag, of course, being at only £1! Freedom create the most pigmented lipsticks I have ever seen, whilst the creamiest yet hydrating formula allows the lipstick to smoothly apply onto the lips without having a drying nor dragging effect. One swipe of this lipstick across your lips is all you need to last you up to four hours without showing signs of wear. Outstanding!

Morgan Taylor Nail Polish in Pretty Woman-£11.00
This nail polish is the truest red you will find, with its even application and its pretty pigmentation what is not to love about this red shade. I find that I only need two coats of this nail polish to leave me with an opaque smooth, glossy polish which lasts around four days before any chips or splits appear. The bottle of this polish holds a hefty 15ml which will last you a life time so you won't be needing to desperately repurchase this in a hurry any time soon!

Sleek Blush in Flushed-£4.49

When it comes to Sleek the one thing everyone admires is their matte black, portable packaging; great for home and on the go use. However, when it comes to their blushes I feel that not everyone has given them a look in. This one in flushed is ideal for those of you with deeper skin tones as it’s a maroon, burgundy shade not only is it a beautiful colour but with the sweetest of sparkles within it gives off a subtle effect on the skin.
Wearing Your Colours For 9/11 Swatches
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk-£5.00
Everyone was talking about these before they even made their arrival in the UK and that’s when you know you have to go and purchase it straight away before it goes out of stock! This jumbo eye pencil has a variety of uses, whether it’s acting as a base for eyeshadow to go onto or for a long-lasting effect this pencil is brilliant. What I love about this pencil is that when you use it as a base, because of its bright white colour it makes the colours you put onto of it stand out into the distance, making them more vibrant than before.

It’s not every day that a name as simple as matt white can say so much about a nail polish. It’s white. It’s matte. It’s a wonderful matte white nail polish. I feel everyone needs a matte white shade in their collection. It’s a staple colour used for many things such as a French manicure polish or just used by itself which has an effect to make you look more tanned than before, which is my tip to not look as pale as usual! This nail polish lasts for up to three days, with a base and a top coat, before you notice any chipping or peeling happening on the nail plate.

This pencil liner is brilliant for a pop of colour on the waterline when creating an eye look. Due to its creamily soft formula, it’s easy to glide this pencil along the waterline, this gives the effect of making your eyes look bigger than before. The pure white shade creates a bright pop of colour which adds dimension to any eye look.-Post-£7.99
Wearing Your Colours For 9/11  Swatches
Sleek I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Ultra Mattes V2-£7.99
The one word that should describe this palette is versatile. Versatile due to the wide array of colours which the palette holds, from blues to greens and browns to creams this palette has everything you need to create an eye look, bar shimmer! This palette is perfect for those of you who like doing dark smokey looks as well as an out of the box adventurous forest themed look also. Do you now see what I mean by versatile? These shadows are pigmented however, the lighter shadows out of the lot aren’t as pigmented as those which are darker but a good spray of MAC’s fix+ will do the job well.

It’s fair to say that the name replicates the colour of the polish pretty well for this one, short and sweet as most would like to put it. This beautiful blue applies wonderfully to the nails, leaving you with an even application after an opaque two coats; the brush which is used is quite wide meaning it covers the nail plate quicker and easier than normal nail polishes. Once applied to the nails this polish lasts up to four days before the chips become apparent. The shade is very interesting, as it isn’t too dark but it isn’t light either, vice versa, it’s an in-between blue which isn’t vibrant or dull. Just right!

Unlike Seventeen’s simplistic name choice this eat my dust shade has no resemblance to the colour whatsoever. My favourite part about this nail polish is that the time it takes to dry adds up to around 30 seconds. I mean, what other nail polish that you know dries in that short amount of time without smudging? I couldn’t believe it once I finished painting my nails I was ready to take on the world without sitting around for an hour or so beforehand.  Mesmerizing! This cool toned nail polish is a slight duck egg blue shade mixed with a hint of grey, giving it this pastel finish which lasts up to three days on the nails. 

9/11 is a date which we will never forget and my thoughts are with the friends and families of those which were killed. This Sunday will seize the day, 15 years ago, this attack took place and it's a time to remember. Will you be taking part in a moment of silence in your area?
 Thanks for reading.

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