The Products Getting The Boot

Ever since I moved house last month I was due a clear out of my make-up. Throwing old products away or giving them to others who would benefit from them more than me instead of them perching in my acrylic drawers. These are just some of the products which I'm giving the boot, from the move, some of them may work for you, although in this instance they haven't done me justice for one reason or another.
The Products Getting The Boot
Freedom Pro Conceal&Correct Concealer
My first thoughts when I got this concealer were that it was a yellow-toned concealer that would be brilliant for covering my under-eye circles. Oh, how I was wrong.  Although I was correct on the fact that it was yellow toned, the concealer itself doesn’t provide you with any coverage nor does it blend evenly. This concealer sinks into your pores and fine lines leaving patches on your skin alongside everyone’s favourite scent of paint which we all know and love.

Sleek Black Kohl Eyeliner Pencil
It’s fair to say that I don’t get along with most pencil liners. They’re either too dry or hurt to use, too creamy that they don’t even stay on the eyelid for more than 10 seconds or just perfect but we all know that’s very rare to come across. For this Sleek liner, I find that this has a tendency to play hide and seek with me and win on multiple of occasions. It’s all fun and games until you notice you’ve got a black smudge mark underneath your eye or on your flawless eyeshadow. Not fun! 

Rimmel London Gel Liner

When it comes to gel liners I find that they take practice to perfect but when using this one at the start I found it extremely easy to use as the gel would glide over the lid. However, after the first couple of weeks using this liner, I found that the smooth glide action was turning into a harsh, dry drag, feeling as if I was scratching my own eyeballs out which let me tell you isn’t the nicest feeling in the world. That’s why I am definitely seeing this one go, I am looking for a new gel liner so if you have any suggestions I would be very grateful.

This mascara was always 50/50 to use for me. It either worked wonderfully or sunk like the titanic; there was no in-between with this one. The reason I never pick it up anymore is because it’s time-consuming. For me putting a priming mascara on first, waiting around for five minutes until it dried, then going in with the black mascara took a lot of time. Just think of all the extra time I’d have to get things done except I’m stuck here waiting for my mascara primer to dry.

I don’t have anything majorly bad against this mascara. If you’re looking for a voluminous high-end mascara then try this one out, it has a similar wand to the Too Faced better than sex mascara so maybe it’s a winner? The only thing I would say is that the packaging feels awfully cheap; it feels as if you got it in a kid’s magazine, it’s so lightweight. The main reason this mascara is getting the boot is because of its scent, it’s more than definitely had its time and usage!
The Products Getting The Boot Swatches
MUA Matte Lipstick in Peachy Keen
Although I love a good matte lipstick and are always keen to try them out, this one wasn't as peachy as it suggests. For one pound I wasn't expecting much; it clung to every line I have on my lips making them dehydrated due to the matte formula. Even though it is matte which suggests it'll stay on your lips and not budge, it does move around, however, the pigmentation stays fluorescent and bright throughout the movement.

Avon Color trend Lipstick in Violet Friday-Post
Bright violet shades have never suited me even if I liked to try it out every now and again to make it suit me. It never worked! It does have a creamy formula which I am fond of so it's long lasting on the lips however I wouldn't be able to step out the house with this shade on as I will look washed out ghost like.

I'm aware that quite a lot of people adore this product due to its small price tag likewise I did at the start. Since then I've grown up and learnt to understand the importance of buying lip products which you will actually use and that have a colour which suits you, not just purchasing it for the sake of you not having that colour in your collection already. The consistency of this lip cream is very unique, it can feel sticky but have a strange velvet texture to it at the same time. Meanwhile, the scent is marvellous. The main reason I've held onto this lip cream for so long is because of its vanilla cupcake scent! 

This lipstick will always be a love hate for me, regardless if I have it in my collection or not, as I absolutely loved the shade, the price, the look it gave but not the fact that it never dried down, it stayed tacky and sticky. I've tried so hard to make this lip product work, applying lip balm underneath, applying a gloss on top but nothing would make it work wonderfully. I wish that they made the formula less sticky so that it dried down once on the lips then I would be in awe of this product but it's such a letdown.

Every time I go to use this hand cream it slithers out the packaging like a snake in a slow movement. Some might even say that it comes out like spaghetti as it's not a runny formula! Not only is this thick consistency a problem but the scent of this hand cream reminds me of grass, not the most pleasant of scents I must say. Forgetting this, the hand cream itself is soothing; it makes my hands feel very soft without feeling sticky. If you're someone who isn't bothered about scents or consistencies then this may be brilliant for you, unlike me.

These are just some of the products which I have given the boot since I've moved into the new house with my family. What products would you bin if you were having a clear out? Have you tried any of these before? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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