A Cosy Winter's Night In

On a crisp, cold and chilly winter's evening, the last thing you want to be doing is going out which is why staying inside sounds like the ideal luxury.
A Cosy Winter's Night In
A nice warm cup of coffee alongside a book or your favourite movie is the best way to distress and enjoy a winter's night in and not forgetting the essential snacks, candles or fluffy socks!

The Body Shop Frosted Berries Lip Balm £4.00

In the winter months, I find my lips can become dry, cracked and in some circumstances, they can flake which is rather revolting to feel and look at. Not only does this lip balm help to hydrate my lips it smells lovely and fruity too.

Nuskin Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask

Putting on a mask is the simple way to treat your skin, it is fuss-free and you don't have to do anything until it's dried. I find this mask does the perfect job of removing all the sebum which I have on the surface of my skin whilst drawing out the impurities, especially from my pores and on my nose!

Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail Paint in Cocoa £3.99

Whilst you are waiting for the mud mask to dry, it's the ideal time to paint your nails to make them look lovely. Recently I've been loving to paint my nails with this beautiful cocoa, chocolate brown shade from Barry M. When applied to the nails, I find that the polish leaves your nails looking extremely healthy due to the amount of glow and shine given off once you've applied the second coat. Due to the high shine formula, I have noticed that they last a little longer than their normal polishes, around four to five days before chipping.

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel-Post

The one Lush product which I cannot get enough of is their snow fairy shower gel, which is only available at the Christmas period. It is the ultimate sweet shower gel, it leaves your mouth watering when you are washing in the shower or bath. Not only does it smell wonderful, it lathers brilliantly creating lots of bubbles leaving the scent to linger on your body once you are finished.
A Cosy Winter's Night In
Macadamia Oil Extract Hair Mask £1.00
I've been using this hair mask on my hair now for a month or two, two to three times a week, and I have been loving how soft my hair feels once it's dried. It never feels dry or dead anymore, as this hair mask adds the hydration through the oil extracts, making it feel smooth and super soft whilst adding that extra bit of shine too. For only £1.00 this is a winner, you should pick this up when you can; I got mine from Savers.

Body Shop Mango Body Sorbet £8.00

When it comes to treating your body I find the Body Shop do the perfect body care ranges to suit everyone's needs. For me, this mango body sorbet is like going to heaven and back, it smells divine! When applied to the skin it not only moisturises it greatly, leaving it feeling smooth, soft and hydrated but, the incredible scent lingers on the body for the rest of the evening. Wonderful!

The Duff Movie £5.99

My movie collection seems to be growing and growing and this movie has stood out to me since the first time I watched it! It's a typical, girly chick-flick, rom-com movie, one I'm always falling for. The storyline talks about the Duff, you can find that one out for yourself, and as the movie unwinds it becomes very relatable, yet funny at the same time!

Next Gingerbread Scented Candle £7.00

Gingerbread sounds like the ideal way to relax after a long day and with this candle burning in the background of your pamper evening it's no wonder that your mouth begins to water! This candle comes in a beautiful, copper-gold packaging as well as smelling amazingly sweet due to the blend of ginger, nutmeg and vanilla.

NescafĂ© CafĂ© Menu Mocha £1.89

I'm not someone who has ever liked coffee but this has changed my views entirely. I love mochas! It's the perfect blend of coffee and chocolate, brilliant for those of you who don't like a strong cuppa. A mocha topped off with cream and sprinkles is the perfect end to a cosy winter's night in.

It's not every day I find myself enjoying a self-centred evening, however, it is nice to treat yourself once in a while to a pamper evening to relax. What would you do on a cosy night in? Have you tried any of these items before?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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