Commenting Pet Peeves

99.9% of the time if I've read one of your posts I will leave a loving comment about what you've written as it brings me joy knowing that us bloggers are connecting together. To me, commenting on people's blogs is something I enjoy doing and I know that if someone comments on my post it brings me happiness, just like it would for them. Although, you sometimes get those odd and obscure comments which make you shake your head...
Commenting Pet Peeves
The Two Worded Replies
These are the ones where you contemplate to yourself why they even commented that in the first place. What was the point in writing 'Great Post' or 'Brilliant Review'? Thank you for your two worded response to my post, I thank you for taking the time out to comment this, however, it clearly shows that you merely read it and you're only here to publicize your website. Saying this, there are some people who comment this purely because they think it was great but still, there is such thing as effort and taking the time to write something pleasing.

Follow For a Follow

'Hello, I love your blog. Follow for a follow?'. No! For one, you haven't read my post at all and two, I'm pretty positive that you've written that exact comment on about ten different blogs before this one. Please take your copy and pasted comment elsewhere, in fact, take it out of the blogosphere altogether. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets frustrated after seeing this in the comments section after all the time which has been spent on the post you've just published. Not amusing at all.

Talking About a Product In The Photograph

When you visit someone's blog post the first thing which you normally see is an image. This image can speak a thousand words, it could just have one product in it or it could have a variety of products used as props in the background. Sometimes if there is only one product in the image, it may be a bad review which may not be visible through the title, and this is when a comment such as 'I love that...' can sound awfully ridiculous and ludicrous. Likewise, if the reader is talking about a product which is used as a prop it can shout out to the writer that they quite clearly haven't paid any attention to their post at all.

What I'm trying to get at is that you should think about your comment before you write it. If they've mentioned something humorous or wrote a fact within their article maybe speak about this in your comment as this shows that you have read what they have to say. Answering their questions at the end of the post is another way to leave a valuable comment, just not any of the examples I've given above. What is your biggest pet peeve? Can you relate to any of these comments?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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