Palettes For All Year Round

I think it's pretty clear that when we come to think about it, we all own a countless amount of palettes, whether they are almost similar, identical or completely different to the others we have in our collection. Nonetheless, we keep them all, then keep purchasing more and more and the cycle continues until we are head over heals in palettes.
Palettes For All Year Round
There are a few palettes which I use throughout the duration of the year, winter, spring, summer and autumn without deliberation, both eye and face palettes which I adore.

Freedom Pro Blush Palette in Pink and Baked-Post £6.00

When I did a humongous haul, a while ago now, this was one of the many beauties which I picked up. It's a beautiful blush and highlight palette which contains six blushes alongside two larger highlights in the middle of the palette. There are a wide array of blush shades in this palette which is what makes it ideal for every season. Although, when you dab your brushes into these blushes they can come off quite powdery so it's important to tap off the excess whilst using a light hand as they are very pigmented!
Palettes For All Year Round Swatches
Make-Up Revolution Ultra Cream Contour Palette £8.00
This palette has gone through the wars with me, as you can see from the writing which has worn off over time as well as the fact that the palette won't close shut properly anymore! I love this palette due to its ability to suit with the palest of skin tones, including my own, but also work for those who have a deeper, warmer skin tone. Therefore, if in the summer you become more tanned this palette will still work wonders for you whilst they blend seamlessly into your complexion.

Morphe 35T Palette-Post £21.00

When it comes to palettes this is by far my favourite investment of all time and I wouldn't consider it to be overly expensive either! It works out that you get 35 shades within the palette for around 60p each which is brilliant value for money. This palette has got you covered for all times in the year, whether you want a golden, purple, pink, neutral brown or smokey eye look it provides you with all the shades you need to create them all; the variety is amazing. As well as this, the shadows are ridiculously creamy and pigmented which makes this palette 100% worth the money!
The Balm Nude Tude Palette Swatches
TheBalm's Nude Tude Eyeshadow Palette-Post £30.00
I was lucky enough to purchase this palette for half the retail price which I was astonished at. What I love about the Balm's palettes is their packaging, they are always creative and put their unique touch on to it, especially with this design. Not only is their packaging great, but I am forever finding myself going into this palette to use the exact same four shades each time, these are sassy, sultry, sexy and serious. Personally, I feel every palette needs a matte black as it's an essential shade and this one is one of my favourites to use, although I do sometimes find that the shadows can be powdery but only slightly.

I love using palettes as they have everything you need in one place which is amazing! What are your favourite palettes that you like to use all year round?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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