Reviewing My Popular Posts from 2016

It's crazy to think that we are now in 2017, who would have thought it. The previous year had gone so quickly if I blinked I would have missed it!
Reviewing My Popular Posts from 2016
Throughout 2016 this blog has gone through quite a few minor, and large changes and I'm so proud of how far it has come. Since then, I've been looking back through my popular posts of last year and reminiscing about them.

10) BAD Gal Experience

Benefit's BAD gal eyeliner was one of the first Benefit products I had ever owned, thanks to my boyfriend, which was why I couldn't wait to review it on my blog to tell you all how great it was. It even became one of my handbag essentials at one point!

9)My Lush Interview Experience

When I had my interview process to work at Lush I thought it was an incredibly, interesting, yet amazing experience which I was positive you would love to read and hear about. To this day it is still one of the best interviews I have ever had!

8)Fringe Boots This Summer

I loved creating this post as I was able to style these beautiful, tassel boots which I continue to wear on a daily basis. Although this post was created in summer, the boots are so versatile which is why they can also be worn in the winter too. 

7)Under £20 Collective Haul

If you are someone who has been reading my blog for a long time now, you'll know that hauls are somewhat of a hit and miss thing as most of the time I love to save my money. So if you ever see a haul, you know it's going to be long overdue and containing products I've been lusting over for a while!

6)The Spot Treatment Which Works
Let's be honest, we all get those annoying, pesky, rude, arrogant spots on your face which will occur at the worst possible time: your birthday, Christmas, special date etc and we need to get rid of them some way!
Reviewing My Popular Posts from 2016
This was the extent of my lipsticks back in the day, since then my love for lipsticks has plummeted through the roof. A few of the lipsticks I mentioned in this post are still some of my adored ones to this day.

When I purchased make-up storage for the first time I was ecstatic with myself. Not only that but, I felt like a true beauty lover, as this was what all of the top you-tubers at the time were using. 

This is possibly the biggest haul I have ever done in my entire life; it's humongous! It was intriguing to find out more about Freedom's brand and products, as well as finding some gems!

2)Beauty Wish List #1
It's all well and good having things which we wish to own and I must say, I haven't done a wishlist since as the beauty industry is always changing and I cannot keep up! 

1)Products To Stay Away From #3
I love reading other people's posts of these as it's always interesting to find out what products don't work for people, it can also be a sign of honesty. But, I guess everyone just loves knowing which products to keep clear from!

I hope you all had a wonderful 2016 and I hope that this year will be even greater for you. Have you read any of these posts?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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