Empties #11 Will I Repurchase?

I cannot believe that this is the first empties post of the year! Buckle in ladies and gents as there are going to be a lot more to come this year, new products, old found loves and ones which I do not want to come across again!
Empties #11 Will I Repurchase?
Will Definitely Repurchase!
MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
Once upon a time, this used to be my holy grail foundation, I'd use it everyday and everywhere. It's a full coverage, reliable and long lasting foundation which is what I look and lust for in a foundation. An unpopular opinion about this product is the scent, I really like it but most people say it smells like paint! However, what I have found is that I've had this for well over a year and towards the end of the bottle I've found that it was beginning to break me out when I used it. I'm putting this down to the fact that it was quite old and regardless of this I would purchase this again as it's been one of my favourites.

As far as exfoliators are concerned, this one is one of my favourites. It has an even distribution of scrub to gel which I think is vital as some can be too harsh on the skin but this one is perfect. Once your skin been exfoliated it will feel smooth, soft and hydrated due to the vitamin E within the product, leaving your face looking and feeling glowing. Not only is the product great but the price is even better which is why I'll continue to purchase it!

I always speak highly of Imperial Leather's shower creams because their scents are always gorgeous and this one is no exception. Sherbet lemon smells just like the sweets, whilst giving you a boost of energy in the morning to wake you up due to its lovely citrus scent.
Empties #11 Will I Repurchase?
Hmm, Maybe!
This sections a little empty...

Not For Me!
Lush Tea Tree Toner-Post
There is something unique about this toner and that's because it has a spray cap. I'm unsure as to whether I like the use of this spraying device as I find that it can waste product when wanting to spray the toner onto a cotton pad. Nonetheless, I did find that the toner helped to reduce the oil on the surface of my skin and make my skin feel tight. I didn't see any major changes in the way my skin looked which was disappointing as people claim that this helps their acne and spots and not to mention the price tag. 

When I got this in my advent calendar last year I wasn't excited about using the product as it didn't strike out to me that I would love it. As I thought, I didn't enjoy using it at all. This cream says it'll work for all skin types and realistically if you have sensitive skins then you need to run from this product as it has an extremely strong, disgusting scent! As well as the fact that the formula is so thick, it isn't as hydrating as I wanted it to be either. I am not impressed considering this is quite an expensive product! 

Pure Super Grape Day Cream
Just like the cream I mentioned above, I wasn't overly impressed with this one either. It has a distinctive scent which wouldn't appeal to those with sensitive skins, not only this but, it took a while to sink into the skin because it is such a thick consistency. I won't be going near this day cream again.

Although I only had the mini size of this eye cream, it has taken me quite a while to battle through showing that the full size would last you a lifetime. I did enjoy using this eye cream as it did a wonderful job of hydrating my under eyes however, I didn't find that it faded my dark circles. This is one of the claims that the cream is meant to combat but, I didn't see a difference which is why I wouldn't purchase the full sized pot. 
Empties #11 Will I Repurchase?
Anatomicals The Buff Stuff Citrus Body Scrub*
When I first tried this scrub I was a tad confused as the beads within this product are humongous but not very good at exfoliating which left me puzzled. I continued to use it but it was like rubbing a hundred sequins over my body and nothing else. My skin felt the same as before if not a little scratched, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, even if the scent is wonderful!

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter-Post
It seems to be that everyone adores this body butter except me, I just don't understand the love and lust over the product. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but when I massage it into my skin it doesn't absorb quickly, this leaves me sitting around waiting for it to dry before I can put my clothes on.  I have mentioned this in a previous empties post where I was 50/50 on it but I've come to conclusion, this one isn't for me. However, the only positive I have about the butter is that it smells divine, it has such a wonderful relaxing scent.

Rosie For Autograph Nuit Parfum Eau De Toilette-Post
I originally got this perfume in an advent calendar last year, but a 15ml sized one and from using it on and off throughout the whole year, I was impressed with how long it had lasted considering it wasn't a huge bottle. This nuit perfume has a musky, warm yet floral mature scented perfume, wonderful for those of you who are gifting an elderly family member or adult in the family. I wouldn't purchase this perfume purely because I prefer sweet and fruity scents and this is the complete opposite!

Avon Latin Sensation Perfume
Although this perfume wasn't my favourite, due to its scent, it was definitely one I used to chuck into my handbag a lot. It's a warm and spicy fragrance which is what makes it ideal for the winter season. Avon were inspired by the show Strictly Come Dancing, back in 2012, to produce this perfume, therefore, it's not available anymore.

Let's be honest this was a pretty negative empties post but I'm glad that I've finished the majority of these products as it means I can get better ones! What products have you finished recently and have you tried any of these? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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