Rambling February Favourites / 2017

Can we all congratulate me on creating my second rambling favourites of the year, I've succeeded so far! This month I've rekindled my love for products and started using some new products which I've been very impressed with.
Rambling February Favourites / 2017
Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer £11.00
This bronzer is ideal for those with pale, fair toned skin like me, as it's a beautiful cool-toned powder which adds a subtle warmth to the skin. It also makes an amazing contour shade due to it being cool toned and matte. An all round brilliant bronzer for those with fair skin, although for those of you with deeper skin the product wouldn't make much of an impact.

NYX Professional Make-Up Dark Circle Concealer in Light £6.50

I picked this up thinking it would make a great under eye concealer but what I've found to discover is that it has its benefits as an eyeshadow primer. It's basically a cheaper alternative to a MAC paint pot! It has a medium to thick consistency which means it works wonders for covering any veins which may be apparent on the lid, as well as creating an even base to pack eyeshadow on top of. However, once you've applied this concealer on the lid be sure to set it quickly as it can have a tendency to crease if not set.
Soap and Glory Solar Powder Swatch
Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush-Post £15.00
I've got two of these brushes, which shows my love for it without an explanation! This buffing brush blends foundation like a dream, with its soft bristles, creating an even, smooth layer. You have to do hardly any work for your skin to look beautiful and blended within seconds.

Pixi Glow Tonic £18.00

I'm aware that everyone and their mums have had, loved and repurchased this product since 2012 but that's irrelevant as I'm getting on the hype train now! I've been gradually including this into my skincare routine and I've noticed a difference already as to how my skin looks and feels. Since I've been using this exfoliating toner I've noticed a dramatic difference and control of my breakouts and I'd put it down to this product. My skin constantly feels smooth and looks glowing and naturally hydrated. It's amazing, a definite must have!
Rambling February Favourites / 2017
The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream £18.00
I've gone through a sample and a mini pot of this cream and after that, I asked for it for Christmas from my boyfriend as I was in love with how it was making my skin feel. Although it's a thin formula it's ridiculously hydrating and creamy, you need the littlest amount to smother over your face to keep it hydrated. My skin gulps this cream up within seconds, leaving my face looking glowing more than ever, it's never felt so healthy!

Michael Buble Christmas Deluxe Edition CD £10.00

Ok. I'm fully aware Christmas finished a couple of months ago but that's not the point, the point is that I'm in love with Michael Buble's Christmas album. His album has been on repeat now, on Spotify, for what feels like a lifetime. I cannot get enough of him or his music; I'm in love!

Those are all of the things I have been loving this past month. What have you been loving? Have you tried any of these products?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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